OPI What Wizardry Is This?


I am loving the OPI liquid sand polishes. If you aren’t familiar with these yet, they dry to a gritty, matte finish. I love all of the ones that I have so far! What Wizardry Is This? is from the Oz collection that came out with the movie. My photos really don’t do this polish any justice!

This shade is a deep bronze with gold shimmer; it is actually a bit more complicated than that as there seem to be some greenish tones as well. This went on so nicely, as the other liquid sands have. I used two coats and it dried quickly; not only that, it’s super easy to remove. On the nails it really sparkles, but this isn’t really shining through in my swatches.

This is definitely a great shade for fall, too! I am a bit sentimental about this shade because of the movie, so if you’re a huge Oz fanatic like i am, definitely pick this up!


2 thoughts on “OPI What Wizardry Is This?

  1. Have you tried any purple textured polishes? I saw a swatch of one (I think it was either Zoya or OPI) and it was gorgeous! I used to hate textured manis but the staying power is nice with them and they don’t snag as much as I thought they would have. I love how this shade looks in the bottle (in the upper left corner photo), it’s very fall 🙂 Makes me think of a big pile of leaves on the lawn.

    • I haven’t! I’m not a huge fan of purple, but there is a lilac shade that I like coming out with the holiday Mariah Carey collection. 🙂

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