Maybelline Red Relic


Hello! I don’t know about you, but I was SO excited for the fall Maybelline polishes to come out. They’re called “Vintage Leather”, so they dry matte and have flakies in them. This gives the nails a bit of a “distressed” look, but it’s not totally textured either.

Red Relic is quite bright. I was actually surprised at how bright it is, and also how sheer it is. I’m wearing three coats above and you can still see some nail line. That doesn’t bother me though. The formula actually went on nicely. The flakies didn’t catch or pose a problem, and the distressed look is very subtle. I love the matte finish, too!

Did you pick up any of the fall collection from Maybelline?


4 thoughts on “Maybelline Red Relic

  1. This polish is interesting. I like it. Not enough to go out of my way to find it but it’s really fun to look at! Makes me wonder what dark blue or green shades would look like. Did you purchase any other shades?

  2. I saw the Vintage Leather collection on clearance at Target today and picked up Mod Moss, remembering this post. I already had on a dark khaki shade, so I layered one coat of Mod Moss on top in the car because I couldn’t wait to try it. I love it! Thanks for the recommendation!

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