Dupe Alert! Sinful Colors and OPI


Hello! I have a dupe to share today! Being a sucker for anything pink and sparkly, I picked up Sinful Colors Full Spectrum, which is a new polish in their holiday collection. I had heard it was a possible dupe for OPI Pink Yet Lavender from the Mariah Carey collection earlier this year, so I decided to put them to the test!


They actually don’t look that much alike in the bottles. The OPI polish isn’t as dense, and it appears to be more pink, whereas the Sinful Colors bottle looks more lilac. That all changes when they are swatched!


OPI is on the right, and Sinful Colors is on the right. This is two coats of each. As you can see, Sinful Colors is way more opaque and builds a lot more than OPI, but the colors are exactly the same.


Here you can see the color a little more. They are definitely dupes, but the Sinful Colors one is actually better for those wanting more coverage and sparkle. If I had to purchase these again, I would definitely go for the Sinful Colors polish instead!

I hope this is helpful! You can find the Sinful Colors holiday collection at Walgreens.


7 thoughts on “Dupe Alert! Sinful Colors and OPI

  1. I’m glad to see there’s a dupe for this, because I haven’t been able to find it! Can I add this to my blog’s dupe list? I’ll credit you.

  2. Did you mean the Sinful one is on the right, not the left? In the photos, the one with better coverage is the right one. Either way, if the Sinful Colors version has better coverage, what a great deal!

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