Weekend Polish/Nail Art Haul


Hello! I picked up a few nail related things this weekend and thought I would share. It has been awhile since I’ve looked at any new polish in the drugstore, and there were a few things that caught my eye! Let’s start with the polish!


Sinful Colors Cold As Ice– This is a pure white bar glitter. WHITE!!! I love white polish and I just had to get this. I think this is going to be fun to layer over so many different colors!


Sinful Colors Tinsel & Shine– This is another bar glitter, but darker and multi-colored. This really sparkles and will look gorgeous over black, burgundy, or dark blue.


Sinful Colors Got A Blush On You– This shade is part of the textured Sinful Colors line, Crystal Crushes. Because of that, it’s $3 instead of $2. These were on sale for a little less than that at Walgreens when I purchased them.


Sinful Colors Treasure Chest– Another textured polish here; this is the first one that I saw in a photo on Instagram and HAD to have it. It’s turquoise with some gold. I can’t wait to see how these compare to Liquid Sand and the Zoya Pixie Dust textured polishes.


The last nail polish I picked up is this “Magic Top Coat”, which is a limited edition L’Oreal polish called The Holographic. Every time I saw the display with these top coats, this one was always sold out. Finally, I got my hands on it! Sparkly toppers seem to be a huge deal right now.


The last things I got are from the Dollar Tree. First, Dashing Diva Color FX polish strips, which I believe are a salon/professional product. I did find them on Amazon for $8, but haven’t seen them anywhere else. Since they were only $1 I got three different shades: Ooh-La-Lita (hot red pink), Entre Nous (teal green), and Afterglow (baby pink). I also spotted two Revlon nail art stencils there, and got the cherry blossoms one and the other one is just stars. The Dollar Tree also had several Milani and Sinful Colors polishes there, and even had the Sally Hansen magnetic polishes if that is something your heart desires!

What polishes have you picked up recently?




3 thoughts on “Weekend Polish/Nail Art Haul

  1. Loving the Magic Top Coat 😉 It’s the same kind of sparkly topper as in the nail art moon candy by revlon. It’s really just gorge over any kind of polish. Preferably darker ones.

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