Lime Crime Parfait Day

PDLime Crime Parfait Day is a creamy, pastel pink that just barely borders on neon in my eyes. I’ve never met a pink color that I didn’t like, so of course I love this one!

The description states that this is “reminiscent of a strawberry milkshake” and “inspired by confectionery delights”, which is a perfect description.

The formula on this nail polish is quite good, especially since polish like this one tends to be streaky. This is opaque in two coats, which is impressive for a shade like this one. I find the Lime Crime formula smooth, but a little thick for my taste, so I just take it slowly and apply two thin coats.

Have you tried Lime Crime polish yet? What do you think of it?


4 thoughts on “Lime Crime Parfait Day

    • I’ve heard about that before but don’t have much knowledge other than some random hearsay. I will have to scope it out.

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