Revlon Nail Manicure Set by Marchesa


Hello! I’ve been a bit absent here lately because I started a new job. I now have three jobs and am trying to juggle them all for the time being! If you haven’t already seen the news, Marchesa has paired up with Revlon to create some gorgeous nail items, from nail wraps to files to this adorable manicure set. I purchased mine for $6, and I wish I would have known there was a pink one too, because I definitely would have gotten that one instead! Anyway, I do like the black and gold, and it is very chic.


This set comes with an emery board file, a metal nail file, a cuticle trimmer, and a nail cutter. I love metal nail files, so I find this set very useful, and I like how the pouch holds everything together neatly. The cuticle trimmer is amazing! Since my hands are very dry right now, I’ve already used this tool a couple times.

This little set is just $6, which is a great price for so many useful tools! I’m really happy with it. 🙂 You can find the Revlon/Marchesa beauty tools at several retailers, like Target, Wal-Mart, and Walgreens.


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