Butter London Marbs


It’s time for another summery manicure: Butter London Marbs! I love this shade, especially when my skin is a little more tan. This would look AMAZING on someone with a medium to dark skin tone; I think it would really pop! Marbs is described as: “Opaque yellow-gold shimmer. Named for
Marbella on the Mediterranean, the ideal spot to work on your tan.”

This is one of the most yellow golds that I have. It is VERY shiny, and opaque in one coat!


Eventually, I ended up layering it with Sephora by OPI Come to Pappa-razzi, which is a gold, copper, and black glitter. I liked the combination, but it seemed a little ‘Halloween’ combined with Marbs, so I’ll probably save that for fall! If you like the Sephora by OPI shades, they are discontinued, but popping up at Big Lots, so you might be able to find it.

If you’re looking for a shimmery gold, definitely check out Marbs, as it is very summery and beautiful when the light hits. 🙂


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