Dupe Alert! Zoya Maria Luisa and Revlon Gold Goddess


Happy Friday out there! I have a polish dupe to share today: Revlon Gold Goddess is definitely a dupe for Zoya’s Maria Luisa. This is a favorite layering shade for me. The dupe is from a new Revlon summer display from Gucci Westman, so keep an eye out for it at your drugstores!


Revlon Gold Goddess, Zoya Maria Luisa


Revlon, Zoya

The only difference I see in this polish is that the Revlon has more coverage, while Maria Luisa is more sparse.


The colors, at least from my field of vision, are exactly the same. Zoya isn’t always the easiest brand to find, so if you have that problem, take a look to see if you can find this Revlon collection.

Both shades are easy to apply and are gorgeous. I think Revlon has great nail polish for the price point, usually $5 or less, while Zoya is $9 (BUT they are 5-free as well). Either way, I love this topper and think it is GORGEOUS! If you missed my post about Maria Luisa previously, check it out here.


5 thoughts on “Dupe Alert! Zoya Maria Luisa and Revlon Gold Goddess

  1. […] En esta entrada vamos a hablar de Gold Goddess, el flocado más maravilloso que he visto en tierras argentinas. No es nacional, lo sé. Revlon es un importado pero mucho más fácil de conseguir que otras marcas. Además este tono es un clon del Maria Luisa de Zoya, el cual acá no se consigue. ¡Un punto a tener en cuenta! Más info acá. […]

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