ManGlaze ILF


If you’ve never heard of ManGlaze polishes, they officially win the award for most hysterical polish names. The evidence: Lesbihonest, Fatty’s Got More Blood, Fuggen Ugly, and the one I have here today: ILF! ManGlaze is an indie polish brand geared toward men, the tagline being “the manliest matte nail polish known to man”.

ILF is a turquoise matte with some very, very, very fine silver shimmer running throughout; it almost has a bit of a ‘glow’ on the nail. It’s pretty sheer, so I used three coats for opacity, but if you don’t mind visible nail line, two will work. In the last photo, I topped it with OPI Pure 18k gold top coat and Butter London’s Tart With a Heart for some sparkle! I really love this color; it’s hard to go wrong with turquoise!

Have you ever used this brand?


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