Marc Jacobs Petra


I’m trying to get around to featuring some polish from brands that I only have one or two of; Petra by Marc Jacobs is one of two shades I have from the brand. I purchased this when the line was fairly new, back in the summer. Petra is a really unique color. It’s described as “dirty bronze metallic shimmer”, but in reality it’s a purple/gray/taupe/brown with a greenish tinge in certain lighting.

This color is PACKED with shimmer. I don’t usually assign seasons to polish, as I wear whatever whenever, but this is definitely something I would reach for more in the fall months.  The formula is very smooth and applies easily. I used two coats, but it is nearly opaque in one.

I love the color and how unique it is. This definitely needs a top coat though; I’ve found this line to chip easily, which is frustrating for the price ($18). Still, Petra is a gorgeous color and everyone will have different experiences with how fast something chips; it seems to be something that has no rhyme or reason!

Have you tried this polish line?


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