Hard Candy Pop-Arazzi


Hard Candy Pop-Arazzi is one of the new matte glitters from Hard Candy’s spring polish release line. This glitter is packed full of light blue, dark blue, black, green, red, and cream glitter. I thought the color selection was unique and I’ve never seen anything like it before.

This glitter applied nicely and has decent coverage; I didn’t need to work with it too much to get it to lay flat or provide strong distribution. I can’t stand it when I get a beautiful bottle of glitter only for it to not distribute fully on the nail. You know what I mean- when you dip the brush in, and there’s four glitters on the nail and a big blob of clear polish- This isn’t like that!

Hard Candy polish is cruelty-free and only $4! The only downside: the only place to get it is Wal-Mart!


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