Roy G Biv Series: Yellow!


Oh yellow…one of the BEST colors to wear, but the absolute most difficult to find a good formula for; am I right? Nevertheless, I do have ten fantastic shades of yellow to share!


OPI You’re So Flippy Floppy– WHY is this shade a) not permanent, and b) only available as a MINI? This yellow is fantastic! It’s available in the OPI Brazil Beach Sandies set.

Nicole by OPI Sand in My Shoe– Another textured polish, this one from the NOPI Roughles collection. I love the unique texture of these. This one also has some red speckles in it.

Sally Hansen Butterscotch– I love colors like this in the fall. This is the perfect mustard yellow.

Hello Kitty Banana Cream– Said to be the closest dupe for Maybelline Banana Pudding (a cult favorite), this is a beautiful, pastel yellow cream. The formula isn’t amazing, but it isn’t terrible either.


OPI I Just Can’t Cope-Acabana– No words needed. Best. Yellow. Ever. Flawless formula, and it’s super cheery.

China Glaze Celtic Sun– This is your classic neon highlighter yellow color. I love neon. I never tire of it!

China Glaze Lemon Fizz– Another classic, cheerful yellow. This one leans pastel, so it’s perfect for spring.


Butter London Cheeky Chops– This is another bright and cheerful color; more subdued than Cope-Acabana, but brighter than Lemon Fizz. It’s kind of like a light egg yolk.

Sally Hansen Lemon Shark– This is from the Triple Shine line of polishes, and it’s surprisingly good. It’s very bright on the nail. The formula is a little thin, so you will probably need 3 coats for opacity.

Sally Hansen Hue– It’s been a year and a half since I first blogged about this yellow shade from the Hi-Definition collection (now discontinued). What a great collection that was. I love this color and the formula is great. It’s worth looking for on eBay if you can find it!

What are your favorite yellow polishes?



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