Impress Nails Short Length Shimmer Nails


I love Impress manicures! They are so easy to use, come in a lot of great designs, and I like that you can get the “short” length. I don’t find them that short, but my nails are so petite that I have to get that length. This set is called “Shimmer” and they are so pretty! I couldn’t stop looking at my nails when I wore these.


They are light peach with holographic glitter. They claim to last a week, and I’ve had luck with this MOSTLY – My only complaint is that sometimes one nail will come off. Even though there are 24 nails in each pack, if I lose a pinky nail, I’m done for, because my nails are soooo small. I think they need to make these in child size so they fit me. 😉 The little nail cleaning pad that comes with the set definitely helps for longevity too, so don’t forget that step!

This is a great set for anything that needs to be neutral, especially weddings since it is that time of year.

Have you tried these nails? What do you think of them? I wish my real nails were this big! 🙂


One thought on “Impress Nails Short Length Shimmer Nails

  1. I love these, they’re gorgeous! Reminds me of some ridiculously glamorous red carpet dress. Like a slinky fitted spaghetti strap shimmering peachy champagne dress? Enough day dreaming… I must have these! I’ve used a different pattern and I really liked them, mine were a bit more funky – purple with neon swipes of color.

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