Small Haul & Pacific Blue Drama!


Hi Everyone! Long time, no see! Things have been busy and life just caught up with me I guess. Anyway, I have a small haul to share! First, I picked up three polishes from the drugstore.

The first one is from L’Oreal’s Distressed Denim collection, so it is textured. My hubby bought this one for me! 🙂 The shade is called Distressed Turquoise, although it seems like a baby blue to me.

The next one is Sally Hansen’s Pacific Blue, a CULT classic. Many times I’ve thought to pick this up and never did. Apparently Sally Hansen is reformulating a bunch of polishes in this line, and changing up classic colors, including this one, so I decided to get it (and two back-ups, just in case I loved it). I’m going to review this one soon. If you visit Young, Wild, and Polished on YouTube, she put up a little rant video about it.

Finally, the last shade I picked up is a BEAUTIFUL matte shade, also Sally Hansen. I love this color so much. It’s called Coastin’ By, and it is limited edition.


I also picked up two packs of nail art stickers by Sinful Colors. I found these at Walgreens, and they were $2 each. I can’t resist a good beach theme! The first set is called ‘Rad-a-Tat’.


The next set is called ‘It’s All Tat’. We’ll see how they work!

What polishes have you picked up lately?



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