Sally Hansen Pacific Blue + Comparisons


Hello! I am back from spending ten days out of town, and I’m back with a Sally Hansen Pacific Blue comparison post. I love writing these comparisons, because I love seeing all of the colors on the nail wheel! πŸ™‚ I don’t have any exact dupes, but a few close ones. Others I knew were not dupes, but I figured it would be helpful to compare some that aren’t similar.

Maybelline Pacific Blues is a limited edition polish from last summer. You might be able to find this now at Big Lots. It is the most similar to Pacific Blue (right down to the name!), but it is a touch brighter and the finish is semi-matte.


LVX Cerulean is darker and has more navy tones.

Essie Butler, Please! is the most popular comparison to Pacific Blue. This astounds me because I find them different and prefer the Essie shade, though both are pretty. Butler, Please! is brighter and not dusty in the slightest.

PB1Sunlight swatches

If you can get your hands on Maybelline Pacific Blues, it is a good substitute for the Sally Hansen variety. What makes the old Pacific Blue from Sally Hansen unique, in my opinion, is the slight dustiness of the color and how it still remains vibrant on the nail. I can see why people love it so much and why they would be disappointed that it is no more!

What are your favorite blue polishes?


2 thoughts on “Sally Hansen Pacific Blue + Comparisons

  1. I’m really in love with SH Pacific Blue and so glad to have found the original at my nearest Walgreens. I actually don’t own a lot of blues weirdly enough but this summer it seems that blue hue is my fave πŸ™‚

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