Sally Hansen Electric Summer Collection: Floaties


Sally Hansen has a limited edition collection out right now that I fell for, and I fell HARD. I bought almost all of them (maybe that will change?)! I’m not even a die-hard fan of this line usually, but I just couldn’t get enough of these when I saw the display. The Electric Summer collection is bright, but soft at the same time. Plus, the names are TOO cute!

Floaties is definitely one of the best names in the collection, and the color is BEAUTIFUL. I mean, look at that PEACH! I love the color peach and like how this has that “faded neon” look.

The formula is really good. You can ALMOST get away with one coat, but I used two here. I found mine at Meijer, but I have also seen this collection at Walgreens.

Why are limited edition shades always better than the core lines? Just personal preference in this case, I suppose. 😉

Have you spotted this collection yet? What are your picks?


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