Maybelline Bleached Neons Lime Accent


Ah, the Bleached Neons. I made a mistake with this collection, and that is that I didn’t buy them when I saw them! Usually these limited edition collections hit Walgreens and Rite Aid, and then pop up at my local Meijer. Wal-Mart (at least here) does not get them at all. They are more affordable at Meijer, so I usually wait. I did wait, and wait, and WAIT, and they never showed up at Meijer! Luckily, I was able to snag four shades, BUT NONE OF THE PINK ONES! I might have to hit eBay and pay double the price…

Anyway, onto Lime Accent! This is a fab polish- I’ve seen some negative reviews that it requires four coats, but I didn’t have this experience at all! I only used two coats here. These shades also seem to wear pretty well compared to the core line (of course…Maybelline ALWAYS does limited edition better than permanent). This dries to a semi-matte finish and has yellow undertones.

What are your Bleached Neons picks?


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