MAC Quick Million


Hello! It has been so long since I’ve posted here, which I do feel bad about! Time just got away from me, and to be honest, my nails have not been in the greatest condition, and it is discouraging. 😦 Since it’s winter now, and the environment has been cold and wet since fall, my nails tend to get really soft and break easily due to all of the running I do outside. It’s pretty frustrating! Anyway, hopefully I will get back to it, even if my nails aren’t the greatest on the planet.

MAC Quick Million is a mix of yellow gold and pink/peach toned hexagons. It isn’t quite that unique since Essie and Maybelline have colors like this that are similar. That said, the formula is better and it lasts longer than those two brands.

MAC polishes are only $12 now, which is a pretty good price point since they used to be in the $16 range. They also improved their formula and released a bunch of new shades. If you like sparkle, this is a good one!


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