First Jamberry Manicure


Jamberry is taking over my Facebook feed. Seriously! It seems like everyone I know is doing Jamberry parties. I officially ‘attended’ two of them and purchased a couple of items from each one; however, my BFF gave me the wraps in the photo above because they are definitely my style and not so much hers. 🙂

This was my first Jamberry manicure and as you can see, I definitely had some trouble. I’m sure it will get better with practice. My sister-in-law has perfectly shaped fingernails, so her nails always look good. My nails are short and break a lot; however, the real problem I have when applying these is that my nails are very small and narrow. I would probably fare better with the child-sized Jamberry wraps!

Now the wraps themselves are of good quality. They really do stay on the nail. I didn’t test the two week claim, because I usually don’t have the patience to keep them on that long. They are also good for accent nails.

At $15 a sheet, I don’t think it is a bad price for how many uses. Jamberry claims you can get 3 uses per pack; I could probably get more than that due to my tiny nails.

Although I’m still experimenting with these, my experience so far has been mostly positive. 🙂



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