Essence Nail Art Drying Drops Review


It’s a little scary how long this has been sitting in my draft folder, but these drying drops are worth a mention! Awhile back I tried the Essence Gel top coat (which was TERRIBLE). Happily, the drying drops are a much better product.

Most of the time I am skeptical about drying drops, but these actually work really well. A lot of product tends to come out at once, so I recommend slowly squeezing the dropper. Also, it helps to wipe away the excess product from the cuticles and around the nails.

As far as the product goes, it DOES dry nails quickly; my polish is dry in a couple minutes with these drops. The best part is that these drops are only $3. I like them for when I’m in a hurry especially. If you’re on of those “before bedtime” nail polish painters, you also might like these drops.

I have used more expensive drying drops that do not work half as well as the Essence variety.  These drops are a definite win! I purchase mine from Ulta. 🙂


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