Marc Jacobs Midnight in Paris


Marc Jacobs polishes are a luxurious, guilty pleasure for me. They’re $18, so not the most expensive polishes around, but it’s still a lot for a nail polish. Midnight in Paris is a (still available) limited edition polish that was released during the holidays in 2014. It is more expensive than other shades in the line at $24, but it also comes with special packaging, as it is in a fancy box with velvet and a little booklet.

The big deal here is “never before, never again”. I thought the color was GORGEOUS so I ended up getting it during the VIB sale, so there was a little discount.

This is a beautiful color. It’s an inky deep blue that looks almost black in some lighting. The shine is amazing and the formula is very smooth. It is opaque in one coat, but I always use two thin coats out of habit.

The only bad thing about this polish is that my brush is terrible and I need to cut some of the splayed bristles off. 😦 The brush was really upsetting. If you go through the trouble of building up this polish, only to have a bad brush, what is the point? I would expect a poor brush for a bottle of polish that was under $5, but a $24 polish should NOT have a bad brush.


Anyway, I do love the color and was able to work around the brush issue. It’s just nail polish anyway, right??

That said, this is a fantastic color and perfect for winter. I love it!


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