Let Them Eat Cake and Lemon Ice!

I have something adorable to show you today! I paired Lemon Ice from the Megan Miller Collection with this amazing indie polish from Black Cat Lacquer called Let Them Eat Cake. Lemon Ice is sort of a jelly, sort of a creme; it’s a nice cross between the two!

Let Them Eat Cake is a beautiful glitter mix, packed full of pastels. It really does look like cake, and the colors in the Marie Antoinette movie (which I LOVE).

I really like how this turned out! I used one coat of Lemon Ice, one coat of a glitter, and then Lemon Ice again. The glitter was perfect; I picked up a lot with the brush, so I didn’t have to use a super thick coat of the base.

This ended up really soft and feminine and squishy to the eye. Both polishes applied nicely and I’m happy to have paired them together!

If you like Black Cat Lacquer’s Let Them Eat Cake, you can check out the rest of the shop on Etsy!