Periwinkle Comparisons


After a reader comment wondering about how Sail la Vie compared to China Glaze Secret Periwinkle, I decided to do a quick comparison post about some polishes in the periwinkle family. Despite the fact that I don’t like purple, I do like periwinkle. It reminds me of lilacs and springtime!


Sail La Vie is a lot more blue than Secret Periwinkle; it’s also quite a bit brighter. These are all quite different from each other even though the swatches may seem similar. MAC Bleu Velvet has a lot more gray than the photo appears to have. OPI You’re Such a Budapest is definitely lavender over periwinkle.


As you can see, Secret Periwinkle is the darkest of the bunch. My favorite periwinkle shades are Bikini So Teeny, Cameo, and Sail La Vie, which all lean toward the blue side of the spectrum.

I hope this post is helpful to you! What is your favorite periwinkle shade?


3 thoughts on “Periwinkle Comparisons

  1. This is great, thanks so much. Exactly what I was looking for, and super useful. I especially like that you’ve taken the pictures in different lights – it’s so hard to compare shades on the shop websites! I ended up buying Lapis of Luxury (I already have Bikini so teeny). Thanks again!

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