L’Oreal Snow Ball


Snow Ball is a polish from L’Oreal’s Holiday 2014 line. I’m still seeing this in stores, so you might be able to find it. I highly recommend it, as it is an amazing glitter! I layered it over Sinful Colors Real Teal above, and that is just ONE coat, so you really get a lot onto the brush and it lays flat.


This is a multi-colored holographic glitter polish. If you like serious glitter and sparkle, get out and find this one! I like that the glitter pieces are on the larger size and that they are easy to get out of the bottle. I can’t stand it when I have to fish for glitter. πŸ™‚

Overall, I’m very happy that I picked this one up and see myself wearing it A LOT!


L’Oreal Gold Dust -Hidden Gems

LOREALThe L’Oreal Gold Dust collection is a limited edition collection of textured polishes. Since I am a big fan of textured polish, I wanted to get at least one shade. The gold was really calling my name, but I have enough gold and instead picked up the most unique in my opinion: Hidden Gems.

Hidden Gems is a blackened teal polish with slight pink duochrome and some silver glitter. I really love this color because it is so interesting. With the right lighting, the pink is very subtle. This polish is opaque in two coats, though I did notice it took awhile to dry. This seems to be the case with many textured polishes, particularly Zoya’s Fairy Dust formula.

I purchased my bottle of Hidden Gems from Rite Aid and it is still available for $6.

L’Oreal Hidden Gems


Last weekend I finally spotted the limited edition L’Oreal textured polishes. They are gorgeous, but I only picked up one: Hidden Gems. Interestingly, this appears to have some duochrome qualities! This is a deep teal with some pink shade shifting, and silver glitter pieces.

I’m so into the textured trend and love this polish! Hidden Gems is so unique and really needs to be seen in person! I used two coats here and it went on smoothly. My only annoyance is that when it comes to drugstore brands, they always produce their best stuff as limited edition products. I don’t get it! Anyway, if you want to try out textured polishes but haven’t sprung for the more expensive variety like OPI or Zoya, this is a good place to start. I paid $6 at Rite Aid for Hidden Gems. πŸ™‚

L’Oreal Jolly Lolly


This is an older manicure with that pesky broken middle finger, but I couldn’t help but show the gorgeousness of L’Oreal Jolly Lolly! This is a limited edition shade from the Miss Candy collection. I’m still seeing this in stores, so you may be able to pick it up. The polish range is a collection of jellies! Jolly Lolly is cherry red.

This polish is so amazing! It’s decently opaque for a jelly; it looks so glossy and juicy on the nail! It’s pretty with two coats, but I used three for maximum squishiness. I still need to use this for a jelly sandwich manicure!

Did you get any shades from this collection?

L’Oreal Royally Yours


Royally Yours is another polish from L’Oreal’s spring Versailles Romance collection. This collection might still be in stores, but since it’s limited edition, you may want to look for it now! Royally Yours has an amazing formula.

L’Oreal seems to have stepped up their game with their nail polish. I can recall the thin and watery formula of Now You Sea Me (which the bottle seems to have since changed to “See”), and Royally Yours isn’t like that at all! Instead, it is opaque in two coats and not streaky.

This is a classic baby blue shade, yet I don’t have anything like it! It is a bit of a chalky blue too, very white-based, which I adore. This is a great shade and I think it will look amazing with a summer tan!

L’Oreal CrΓ¨me Puffs


CrΓ¨me Puffs is a buttery yellow polish from the spring Versailles Romance collection by L’Oreal. This display is still in drugstores and convenience stores like Target, so if you like it, you can still find it! The polish formula is really spectacular here. I can’t believe how well it applied! This is three coats; you might be able to get away with two, but you’ll still have some visible nail line.

There is one thing I wish about this polish that was more prominent. In the bottle, you can clearly see a pink shimmer in the polish, through very light. This just doesn’t translate at all on the nail, unfortunately! Still, this is a great yellow shade and worth picking up for the great formula if you like light yellow colors that border on being nude.

L’Oreal Sparklicious

L’Oreal is a very new polish that is part of a special holiday display at the drugstore. I saw this at a few different places, and it seemed like every time I saw the display there was only one left, or they were totally gone, so if you like it, get it when you see it!

This is another cool toned gold shade and the sparkle is simply amazing on this! I could not stop staring at my nails when I had this on! The glitter in this comes in a range of sizes, from fine glitter to medium glitter.

The finish was very smooth after using a top coat. If that’s something you look for in a glitter, you will like this one!

I did layer this over China Glaze I’m Not Lion, but I can still say this glitter is densely packed. What do you think? Are sparkles for you?