Sinful Colors Real Teal


Real Teal is a ‘silk’ finish polish (satin) that my BFF gifted to me. This color is beautiful in the bottle, but even prettier on the nails! It seriously has that glow factor, and the very fine shimmer is GORGEOUS in the sunshine.

The formula is very thin. I have found this to be the case with other satin polishes. I used three coats for opacity here. Despite being thin, I didn’t have any application problems with it. Since satins seem to be popular right now, I hope that Sinful Colors comes out with more of them for this spring and summer! 🙂


Sinful Colors Skylark


Skylark from Sinful Colors is a gorgeous pale peach color. These types of colors are my weakness. I just can’t resist a good peach! Supposedly Skylark is a Walgreens exclusive. I’m not completely sure how true that is though; however, I haven’t seen it elsewhere.

The formula on this is pretty good for a pastel. I only used two coats, and it wasn’t streaky. The polish did tend to run fast and flood the cuticles, so I recommend working slowly and with thinner coats. That said, if you’re a fan of this color you can’t go wrong for just a couple dollars. 🙂

Sinful Colors Mint Tropics


Mint Tropics is a new Sinful Colors shade that was released in their summer “Turn Up the Heat” collection. I picked this up because it has a cool neon but retro vibe. It’s not totally neon, but it is bright. I need to compare it to one of my favorite greens, Illamasqua Nomad.

The formula on this was good for me. I used two coats for opacity, but the coats were on the thicker side, so you may need three. For $2 this is a fab polish if you love green, especially brights!

Sinful Colors Cold As Ice


Sinful Colors Cold as Ice was a polish that came out during the holidays in 2013. I was soooo excited about this polish, yet overall it was a bit disappointing once I applied it!

I layered it over China Glaze Aquadelic and used Deborah Lippmann Glitter and Be Gay as an accent. Cold as Ice just isn’t opaque enough for my liking, and it would take a lot of coats to get a decent amount on the nail. It’s a thin white bar glitter polish, but pretty sparse!

Next time I use this, I’m going to try it in a jelly sandwich and see what happens. Maybe I got a dud bottle, or just need to shake it up a bit before applying.

Sinful Colors Treasure Chest


I have another summery polish today: Sinful Colors Treasure Chest. My photos aren’t doing this polish justice at all, because there are visible flecks of gold in this color that I couldn’t pick up on camera.

Treasure Chest is classic turquoise with gold shimmer, and it is opaque in just ONE coat! This is a textured polish, so it dries really quickly. If you do decide to wear two coats, make sure they are both thin, because this has a thicker texture. I really love this polish because it has so many great qualities, and the color is quite unique with the gold.

Hopefully Sinful Colors will release this color again in the summer, though it could probably be found on eBay and other online retailers.

Colorful Yellow, Blue, and Glitter Manicure


Hello! I know it has been awhile (A whole week)…it’s probably bugging me more than anyone reading this blog, but I’ve been so busy having three jobs and everything else life brings. My nails haven’t been looking very nice either since my hands are SO dry! Anyway, since I’ve been in the mood for brights due to it being gray outside constantly, I decided to use a few different shades for this manicure!

The blue is Tiffany Case from the OPI Bond Girls collection. The yellow is Lemon Shark from Sally Hansen Triple Shine, and the other glitter is Sinful Colors Pride. I was impressed with how Lemon Shark applied since it is a yellow, which tend to be notoriously streaky. I only used two coats and had no problems with it.

What colors have you been wearing lately?

Dupe Alert! Sinful Colors and OPI


Hello! I have a dupe to share today! Being a sucker for anything pink and sparkly, I picked up Sinful Colors Full Spectrum, which is a new polish in their holiday collection. I had heard it was a possible dupe for OPI Pink Yet Lavender from the Mariah Carey collection earlier this year, so I decided to put them to the test!


They actually don’t look that much alike in the bottles. The OPI polish isn’t as dense, and it appears to be more pink, whereas the Sinful Colors bottle looks more lilac. That all changes when they are swatched!


OPI is on the right, and Sinful Colors is on the right. This is two coats of each. As you can see, Sinful Colors is way more opaque and builds a lot more than OPI, but the colors are exactly the same.


Here you can see the color a little more. They are definitely dupes, but the Sinful Colors one is actually better for those wanting more coverage and sparkle. If I had to purchase these again, I would definitely go for the Sinful Colors polish instead!

I hope this is helpful! You can find the Sinful Colors holiday collection at Walgreens.