Deborah Lippmann Stronger

stronger11Deborah Lippmann Stronger was created with Kelly Clarkson. This is one CHUNKY glitter. I don’t mind though, because it is easy to achieve opacity. Still, I layered it over Zoya Neve since they seemed to look a similar shade of “blurple.”

Stronger is a mix of blue toned glitter that leans purple, with multi-colored glitter. There’s gold, red, holographic, you name it in here. Like most of Deborah Lippmann glitters, I could not stop staring at my nails while wearing it! Like I mentioned already, it is very chunky and densely packed. If you work slowly, you can get an even finish. I had no problems with a top coat though, and the glitter didn’t eat it all up, so I was left with smooth nails.

Do you have this shade?



Deborah Lippmann Glitter and Be Gay


Glitter and Be Gay is a new polish from Deborah Lippmann’s Jewel Heist collection. WOW. If you haven’t seen this collection, definitely check it out! It is so incredibly gorgeous, full of sparkle and shine! Described as “candescent canary yellow glitter”, it is just so much more than that. Basically it is a jumble of multi-colored holographic glitters, with gold being the prominent color.

I layered it over OPI Goldeneye and could not stop staring at my nails! I will say that most of the photos I’ve seen online don’t do it justice either. It is a must see in person, especially in sunlight if you can!

In case you are curious about the name of this nail polish, it is from Candide (an operetta). All Deborah Lippmann polishes are named after songs. You can see Kristin Chenoweth performing “Glitter and Be Gay” here! I love opera music, so I couldn’t help but share that tidbit. 🙂

Dupe Alert: Deborah Lippmann Shake Your Money Maker


Hello! I am really excited about this post! I was looking at Hard Candy’s polish selection again, and they have some new shades! One shade seems to be a dupe for a new Deborah Lippmann polish, Shake Your Money Maker. It is called Emerald’s Eve and it is $4 compared to the pricey Deborah Lippmann polish at $19. I wish I would have seen the Hard Candy one first!


I didn’t buy Emerald’s Eve, but I did snap these photos to compare at least a couple bottle shots.


I don’t know if they are *exactly* the same, but they look fairly similar to me. If you like Shake Your Money Maker but can’t (or won’t) pay for the high end price tag, this is worth considering for sure!

Deborah Lippmann Ruby Red Slippers


So last week, I had a HORRIBLE week at work. I am so glad it’s over. Since I was in a terrible mood, I wanted to paint my nails something….dark. And yes, my middle finger is broken big time and looks terrible, but I’m not going to let that stop me. 🙂

Ruby Red Slippers is a beautiful black jelly base packed full of red glitter. It achieves decent density in two coats, but I prefer it with three. The glitter doesn’t catch and the finish is smooth. The glitter just GLOWS in this polish and it is gorgeous! Also, if you’ve been reading this blog for awhile, you know I am a Wizard of Oz fanatic and just had to have this color. I can’t wait to wear it when my nails are looking a little less haggard! 😉

Deborah Lippmann Mermaid’s Kiss


I have another Deborah Lippmann polish to show you today! These photos do NOT do this polish justice at all! Mermaid’s Kiss is seriously gorgeous, and a new installment in the DL “mermaid” line. There were four new shades released this spring in addition to the original from last year, Mermaid’s Dream.

Mermaid’s Kiss is comprised of pink glitter, champagne/gold glitter, and fuchsia glitter. This combination results in a rosy gold tone. The overall effect is a soft, blush-toned look. The formula is very smooth and easy to apply; I used two coats for opacity. The ultimate finish has a metallic sheen.

This is a must have pink! I’m really happy with it!

Deborah Lippmann Cleopatra in New York


Cleopatra in New York is a black jelly base polish filled with gold glitter. This was a holiday release in 2012, and it is a very unique polish, as I don’t have anything like it! Black and silver is a pretty common mix, but black and gold is a little more rare in the polish world.

As far as application goes, it is pretty sheer on the first coat, but opaque in two. It is easy to apply the glitters as well. They might require a little bit of pushing around, but overall it is pretty fluid. I did notice that this polish chipped easily; I had some major chipping after a couple days of wear, but this polish is really easy to touch up!

The verdict: this is a sexy shade and stunning. 🙂

Deborah Lippmann Believe

Believe is a beautiful neutral color with a little kick to it. It is infused with some very light pink shimmer, which might be impossible to see in photos, but is more prominent in real life. This color is from a Juicy Couture Deborah Lippmann set from last year’s holiday season, but I snagged it for wayyyy less than the original price on eBay!

This polish is a shape shifter. In some lighting it looks white, in other lighting it looks off-white; sometimes it looks silver. This is three coats with a top coat.

Like most DL polishes, this one applied evenly. I think two coats would have been enough, but I was painting my nails at night so it was hard to see. I think this would be GORGEOUS with some chunky silver glitter on top!