Vivo Per Lei Dead Sea Minerals Exquisite Manicure Set


Last month, my husband and I were in Chicago. He forgot to bring his beloved t-shirts to wear under his dress shirts, so we had to go to Nordstrom and get some. While we were in the mall near our hotel, we got suckered into a demonstration from a kiosk person with this manicure set. Since my nails were painted, my hubby actually got the royal treatment: nails buffed and cuticle oil applied. To my surprise, my sweet husband bought this set for me because he knows how much I struggle to keep my hands not dry and my cuticles not bleeding (something I dealt with a lot while chewing my nails of course).

This kit is seriously amazing and really changed the condition of my hands, nails, and cuticles! It comes with four different pieces, my favorite being the cuticle oil.

The first step is to use the nail file. This is a decent file; it is very stiff and files the nails nicely. I like my glass one better, but this is still good.

The next step is to use the three-step nail buffer. This is AMAZING! I can’t believe how shiny my nails are after using it. It buffs out ridges and makes my polish apply smoothly.


Grainy cell phone shot of my nails after using the whole system

The third step is to use cuticle oil over the nail and on the cuticles and to massage it into the skin. As mentioned, this is my favorite part of the set. It is so moisturizing and healing. My cuticles have never looked better, and you can actually see the results instantly!

The last step is to use the hand and body lotion. I like this; it smells like green apples and the consistency is thinner, so my hands don’t feel greasy after using it!

I have been raving about this set to my husband, just to thank him for it, since he bought it for me. I’ve always been self-conscious about my hands, but now they are looking better than ever thanks to this set! I will definitely continue to keep using this in the future. 🙂