Orly Lollipop + LA Girl Splatter in Splash


I’ve had LA Girl Splatter polish in ‘Splash’ for quite awhile and finally got around to using it! I just couldn’t decide what to pair it with. I am such a sucker for mint and white, so of course I had to pick up this polish. I layered it over Orly Lollipop, and I loved the results!

Orly Lollipop is a great polish. It’s opaque in one coat; a little thick, but not difficult to apply. LA Girl also had a decent formula for a glitter. It required a little bit of working with to get the glitter arranged how I wanted it. This “glitter” isn’t sparkly- the white hexes are matte, and the aqua hexes have a satin finish. I’m pretty sure these are part of the full LA Girl line. I found mine at Rite Aid! 🙂


Pink & Silver Manicure- Orly Beach Cruiser and Butter London Diamond Geezer


As you may know, there’s nothing I love more than a fantastic hot pink polish! 🙂 Orly Beach Cruiser fits the bill! This is a neon that is relatively easy to work with. It is opaque in two coats, and I didn’t use a white base. I felt like pairing it with silver for some reason, so I used Butter London’s Diamond Geezer for a couple of accents. I actually quite like how this turned out. While I wore this manicure, I kept staring at it because it really popped!

Beach Cruiser is one of the better pink neons I have used, and I highly recommend it if you are in the market for this kind of color!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day Manicure!


Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! I don’t have a drop of Irish blood, but it is a big deal where I live. This weekend I ran in a couple of St. Pat’s races, so of course I had to paint my nails to get into it, right?

I used Illamasqua Viridian and layered it with Orly Monster Mash. I almost always layer with Illamasqua, because many of their shades are early opaque in one coat. This manicure was actually difficult to capture on camera, because Monster Mash is SO sparkly! I used one coat of each. I really like this manicure and especially LOVE Monster Mash!

Alphabet Challenge: Orly Elsbeth’s Rose


Yes, another pink! Elsbeth’s Rose is a light, candy style pink with silver shimmer. It has cool undertones, but I think those with warm skin tons could also wear this. Maybe I’m weird, but whenever I buy a polish, I Google it when I get home to see what other people think about it, and what it looks like on others. I especially do this when I randomly find amazing polish deals (this was only $1 at Big Lots and it was the only one there). I’m always curious about why/how it ended up where it was.

From what I have read about this polish, people seem to love it or hate it. It’s pink, so obviously I love it. I didn’t find the formula thick like some other people did. Mine was actually on the thin-medium side and applied quite nicely. Definitely a winner for spring!

Alphabet Challenge: Orly Decades of Dysfunction


Hee hee…I love the name of this polish from Orly: Decades of Dysfunction. I can’t lie that I thought of certain members of my family (not you, Mom!), but got a good laugh out of it anyway. This polish is from the promotional for the Dark Shadows movie. I didn’t find any of the shades very unique, but ended up picking up this one on sale at Sally’s since I love white so much.

This is a pink tinged white cream polish with a very smooth formula! Because of the pink, it is a lot more unique than I thought, at least to my collection.This polish isn’t streaky and it is opaque in just two coats; amazing for a shade like this one.

What do you think? This is definitely a favorite white for me.

Orly Seagurl

Hello! What a week! I hope everyone out there is staying safe with Sandy. I’m nowhere near the bad stuff, but Michigan is definitely feeling the storm. We had ice pellets this morning, tons of wind, and my power was even out for awhile yesterday. Anyway, I have some Orly to show you today! This is from the 2011 Birds of a Feather collection. I have a mini bottle of this polish. I love minis because they take up less space!

Don’t mind my super short nails; I really ripped off that middle one (by accident). In the last month it seems like I just keep breaking one and then I have to file the rest. Seagurl is a very pretty color; it’s gray, but it has silver and gold shimmer throughout, which is more prominent in person.

This polish went on smoothly, but it seemed to chip rather quickly. I’m thinking maybe the top coat was to blame. Still, this is a great color, especially for fall. What do you think?

Orly Monster Mash!

Hello! I haven’t had too many nail posts this week, as you can see. Not only have I been quite busy, my poor hands have been very dry and uncomfortable with the weather cooling. Anyway, I have an awesome glitter today: Orly’s Monster Mash, which I paired over Zoya Charla.

Monster Mash is such a cool glitter. It is suspended in a sheer green base, and is composed of green hex glitter, small gold glitter, and gold bar glitter. I used one coat over Charla, which was just enough sparkle for me!

The glitter applied perfectly and I didn’t have any issues with it. I haven’t been interested in the Halloween collections much since I don’t particularly care for the holiday, but I decided to get Monster Mash after falling in love with it on a trip to Sally Beauty Supply! I can’t wait to layer this one over some other colors!