Trust Fund Beauty Blue Blooded


Trust Fund Beauty is a new-to-me brand out of Montreal. I am really excited they are out of Montreal, because it is absolutely one of my favorite cities to visit! The brand is quite young, as it has only been around since February of this year. I picked up two shades from a 4th of July promo, including the one featured today: Blue Blooded!


Blue Blooded is a deep slate-blue holographic polish. The formula is thin, but builds very nicely! I reached opacity in three coats. Unfortunately, I think this shade was limited edition, because it is sold out now, and there were only 4 left when I purchased it. That said, I was happy with my initial Trust Fund Beauty first impression and will definitely try more shades!


Maybelline Bleached Neons Lime Accent


Ah, the Bleached Neons. I made a mistake with this collection, and that is that I didn’t buy them when I saw them! Usually these limited edition collections hit Walgreens and Rite Aid, and then pop up at my local Meijer. Wal-Mart (at least here) does not get them at all. They are more affordable at Meijer, so I usually wait. I did wait, and wait, and WAIT, and they never showed up at Meijer! Luckily, I was able to snag four shades, BUT NONE OF THE PINK ONES! I might have to hit eBay and pay double the price…

Anyway, onto Lime Accent! This is a fab polish- I’ve seen some negative reviews that it requires four coats, but I didn’t have this experience at all! I only used two coats here. These shades also seem to wear pretty well compared to the core line (of course…Maybelline ALWAYS does limited edition better than permanent). This dries to a semi-matte finish and has yellow undertones.

What are your Bleached Neons picks?

Sinful Colors Mint Tropics


Mint Tropics is a new Sinful Colors shade that was released in their summer “Turn Up the Heat” collection. I picked this up because it has a cool neon but retro vibe. It’s not totally neon, but it is bright. I need to compare it to one of my favorite greens, Illamasqua Nomad.

The formula on this was good for me. I used two coats for opacity, but the coats were on the thicker side, so you may need three. For $2 this is a fab polish if you love green, especially brights!

Orly Lollipop + LA Girl Splatter in Splash


I’ve had LA Girl Splatter polish in ‘Splash’ for quite awhile and finally got around to using it! I just couldn’t decide what to pair it with. I am such a sucker for mint and white, so of course I had to pick up this polish. I layered it over Orly Lollipop, and I loved the results!

Orly Lollipop is a great polish. It’s opaque in one coat; a little thick, but not difficult to apply. LA Girl also had a decent formula for a glitter. It required a little bit of working with to get the glitter arranged how I wanted it. This “glitter” isn’t sparkly- the white hexes are matte, and the aqua hexes have a satin finish. I’m pretty sure these are part of the full LA Girl line. I found mine at Rite Aid! 🙂

Sally Hansen Electric Summer: Peach Babe, my FAVORITE!


Say hello to my FAVORITE of the Sally Hansen Electric Summer bunch: PEACH BABE! Oh my, I am OBSESSED with this color! It is coming across pretty pink here, but on the bottom right corner you can see the peach tones a little more. I love love love this shade so much! It’s just gorgeous!

The formula is great too- with one thick coat you are good to go, though I prefer two thin coats as I’ve said many times.

There is just something about Peach Babe that is mesmerizing to me. It is so much better in person. It is such a great combination of peach and pink that you see in makeup all the time. 🙂 Definitely pink this one up!!

Sally Hansen Electric Summer Collection: Kelp Yourself


Kelp Yourself…another great nail polish name. Why isn’t my job NAMING nail polish?? Someone please hire me for that! 😀

This is a fantastic mint green, as you can see. Talk about a color that I DO NOT NEED, but oh the pretties, they did call out to me. The formula is similar to others in the line. Although this isn’t a jelly, it has a little touch of that “squishiness” look to it on the nail; a watery touch.

If you’re looking for a mint polish under $5, give this one a try! It is lighter and less green than Mint Sorbet from the permanent collection. 🙂

Sally Hansen Electric Summer Collection: Water Orchid


Round two for the Sally Hansen Electric Summer Collection is Water Orchid! Isn’t the name of this one pretty? It really suits the color too. I’m not one for purple, but I LOVE lavender! This is a bright color, but still soft.

The formula on this is similar to Floaties, but a little more opaque, so you can probably get away with one coat if you’re the impatient type. 🙂

One thing I noticed about these polishes is that they move really quickly, so be careful to avoid way too much polish flowing down the brush, or you might flood your cuticles!

What do you think of Water Orchid? I may have to compare this to one of my favorite lavender shades: China Glaze Sweet Hook!