OPI Bubble Bath


OPI Bubble Bath is one of the most popular nail polishes out there; a cult classic of sorts. I can definitely see why it is so famous. This polish is gorgeous! Awhile back, I purchased one half of the OPI Best of the Best mini set (the other half didn’t appeal to me as much). Bubble Bath was one of those shades. When the mini is done, I will likely purchase a full-size bottle.

This is pretty sheer; I used two coats in the photos above, but it is more opaque with three shades (naturally!). This is a pink tinted nude, making it incredibly flattering. It isn’t too stark, and has a milky quality to it. Bubble Bath is the PERFECT name for it too! You won’t like this if you don’t like sheer polish, but if you do like sheers, definitely pick this up!


2 thoughts on “OPI Bubble Bath

  1. I love to use this as a base (over a basecoat) for other easly uneven application polishes. Every nail polish seem to apply so evenly over this one. I love it on its own as well 🙂

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