Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Chalkboard

It’s probably not a surprise, but I was one of those kids who always volunteered to wash the chalkboard in elementary school. To this day I love the way chalk dust smells and cleaning erasers and the chalkboard was my pleasure! Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics has recreated the good old chalkboards of the past (do kids even have those now??) with this amazing green polish, aptly named “Chalkboard”.

This is a deep, dark green. It’s darker than hunter green, but not quite blackened either. The formula on this polish is incredible. I’ve noticed that of all the OCC polishes I have, the formula is incredibly consistent and smooth. This is two coats plus a top coat.

I also think that this polish would make a fantastic gift for a teacher! My only gripe with OCC is that I have to order them online. Sephora now carries their lip tars, so maybe they will carry polishes in the future. You can also order OCC from their website, or Beauty.com, which is what I prefer to do when they have coupon codes out, and then go through eBates as well.

Either way, these are amazing polishes, and Chalkboard is a must have for those who LOVE green like I do!


Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Traffic

Traffic is the perfect name for this polish, because it is the exact color of a cab. This is a great yellow polish that applies nicely; the formula for a yellow is quite smooth. It has a little bit of streakiness, but nothing terrible. Let me just put out a warning that my nails look TERRIBLE. Sadly the middle one is broken again so it’s very short. I ended up filing my nails down last week, but they are growing quickly, so hopefully that middle one will be back soon!

This is three coats with Nubar Diamont top coat. This polish is quite sheer, so three coats is needed for opacity. It has that smooth consistency that the rest of my OCC polishes have.

I usually like more pale yellows for nails in the summer, so I think this polish would work better as a fall polish, which is my favorite season!

Travel Polish: Decided!

I think I finally narrowed down the polish I am going to bring with my when I visit my parents. Yes, this looks like a lot, but I look at it this way: I have different outfits with me, and I can’t STAND when my polish does not match. Over anything in the “being a girl” realm, I am a clotheshorse! Plus, I am hoping my mom will try out a few of these brighter colors.

Here’s the breakdown:

Butter London Trout Pout – This is a holy grail polish for me. It is definitely one of my favorite polishes ever.

China Glaze For Audrey- Classic Tiffany-style blue. It is not summer without a polish like this one!

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Grandma- I have to bring this since it matches my new dress!

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Traffic- Yellow=summer. Enough said.

Zoya Charla- This was my first Zoya polish and it is probably my favorite. It is seriously a mermaid in a bottle. I am hoping I can get my mom to go a little crazy and wear this. 🙂

Maybelline Go-Getter Green- I haven’t worn this yet. I found it in a clearance bin at Rite Aid and it reminded me of an Orly polish that I loved earlier this spring. This one was way cheaper than the Orly polish!

The last two polishes are Essie minis and more “safe” colors. I picked these out with my mom in mind. My mom is this totally hot lady who doesn’t even SEE it, so she THINKS she has to wear certain colors, which I think is so not true (sorry, Mom, I exposed you!). Lion Around is the pink polish; it’s kind of a pink nude with some shimmer. Fair Game is a gorgeous bluish gray with some shimmer. I totally underestimated Fair Game. This color is GORGEOUS!

I also picked up a small pack of nail polish remover pads from Old Navy. I would much rather travel with these than a bottle of remover. Even though I got the remover pads because the packaging was so cute (pink leopard), they work well and smell WAY better than the ELF travel pads. From this photo, one might gather that I’m one of those people who brings a TON of stuff with me on vacation, but I’m actually a pretty light packer. I just toss my nail stuff into a little bag and it’s good to go!

May Favorites!

Once again, since the month is winding down, I am going to recap with five of my favorite polishes for May. While Butter London reigned supreme in April, I think Essie was my favorite polish this month! Here are my top five for May.

First up, Essie’s Bikini So Teeny! Crisp and clean, great application, and an overall gorgeous color!

Next  is OCC’s Grandma! This polish has made it into my “take on vacation” bag (make note of this, MOM). I even found a dress that goes with it perfectly from Old Navy. It’s one of those “ugly beautiful” dresses.

This is the dress, but the photo does not look like it does in person. In real life, the dress is more green hued and you can also see the colors in the floral design a bit better. Grandma matches the pink and red hues nicely!

Nicole by OPI’s Kim Konfidential is definitely a favorite this month. I love everything about this polish, except for the fact that it doesn’t show up too well in photos!

Lights from Essie is probably my favorite neon polish right now. It is bright, but not uncomfortably bright, and the application is great. This is one of my all-time favorite pinks!

I had a hard time choosing the last polish, but ultimately went with Cream Tea from Butter London. I LOVE wearing white in polish and with clothes, so this polish is just an all over win for me! We’ll see what June brings! This should be an interesting month, because I’ll be gone for nearly two weeks to visit my parents (aka the “vacation”). I’ll also be seeing my grandmother who inspired this blog, so I’ll see what she has to say about my polish this time! 🙂


Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Grandma

Grandma is one of my FAVORITE polish names! Described as a “bright, clean coral”, this polish is a unique color to me. It looks more red in the photos, but like Butter London Trout Pout, it has a little something that makes it different than the typical red or coral. This polish is like Trout Pout’s mom (or grandma!).

Here it is in full sun. It’s vibrant, but still has an element of softness to it. OH! This color is also exactly the same as the font on Faygo’s Diet Rock & Rye pop (except the font has shimmer in it).

Here it is indoors, in natural light. I might have to wear this when I see my grandma (who inspired this blog) in a few weeks, just to see what she says. Like my other OCC polishes, the application was easy and perfect. This is two coats with Seche Vite on top.

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Pool Boy

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics has fantastic nail polish. Right now, Beauty.com is having their Friends and Family sale, where you can get OCC polish and other goodies for 20% off. Plus, if you go through eBates, you can get 13% back, which is a great deal considering their polish is $8 per bottle. Plus, Beauty.com has added more OCC cosmetic items and nail polish shades recently, including the new OCC garden collection. Another perk is that OCC is vegan and cruelty free!

Pool Boy is basically the perfect baby blue shade. I painted my nails this color to celebrate Manchester City’s big soccer win over the weekend. They won the league with 90 seconds left, nabbing the title away from their enemies, Manchester United. I can’t even believe I know all of this. The point is, Manchester City is my husband’s favorite team, so this was my way of helping him celebrate!

Application with this polish was perfect, and it was opaque in two coats. I highly recommend this polish!