Maybelline Bleached Neons- Day-Glo Teal

daygloteal11 When the Maybelline Bleached Neons collection came out, I only bought one polish, that being Day-Glo Teal. I was SO mad because I thought the collection would show up at Meijer (where the polishes are a less $$ than Walgreens), but it never did! I ended up running around town like a madwoman trying to get my hands on more of the Bleached Neons shades, but never found the one I really wanted (Coral Heat). Oh well, right?

Day-Glo Teal is AWESOME!! It is opaque in two coats and the color is just amazing. “Bleached Neons” is the perfect way to describe this collection. They’re bright, but just a bit washed out.

I definitely recommend looking for these on eBay or seeing if there are any stragglers left at the drugstores. 🙂


Sally Hansen Vitamin D-Light


Sally Hansen came out with a collection of jelly-type polishes earlier this year. They are REALLY sheer, so it is impossible to get opaque coverage, but I think they may have been designed in the OPI Sheer Tints vision in that they are supposed to be used as layers with other polishes.

Vitamin D-Light is a watermelon red shade. I don’t mind it alone; it gives the nails some interest without being too much, so it might be a good office color for those who need subdued nails.

I’m not completely sure if these are still in stores, but you can probably find them on eBay. I’ve heard some people say this is a dupe for Dior Nail Glow, but that is NOT the case in my opinion, not even close!

I do like the Sally Hansen Triple Shine formula. It is probably my favorite next to the quick dry polishes.

Sephora X Firecracker


Sephora X has some fantastic glitter polishes. Case in point: Firecracker! This is a matte peachy orange hex glitter polish. I’m not sure if this is available anymore, because I found it at Sephora in the clearance polishes, but it might be worth checking eBay and Sephora stores, since they tend to vary.

The formula is great. No need to move around the glitter constantly, and you get a lot out with one swipe. I usually use two light coats so I can get better control over the glitter.

I layered it over Illamasqua Nomad (my fave green polish ever).


Essie My Better Half


Essie My Better Half is from the 2013 wedding collection. I specifically remember ordering the little square cube of mini polishes from this collection on Amazon. I was having a TERRIBLE day at work (at a place where I NO LONGER WORK, yay!), and I decided to have some wine. Since I never drink and have no tolerance whatsoever, I was buzzed before I knew it and ended up shopping online.

Anyway- that was awhile ago and I finally got around to wearing this GORGEOUS polish. Isn’t it beautiful? It’s peony pink with a bit of sheen. The formula is thin, but builds up beautifully. I recommend this one for pink fans! 🙂

MAC Silly


MAC Silly is a bright pink cream from a limited edition MAC collection. Even though this is LE, I’m pretty sure this can be found at CCO stores now, so if you like it, take a look there!

I have many pinks, but find this one interesting. The white balance here gives this a pale, but still vibrant vibe. You know it’s a good polish when you can’t stop staring at your nails.

The formula is a little streaky, so I had to use two coats. I generally have good luck with MAC polishes and find they wear for a long time on my nails.

NYC Carnival Red


Carnival Red is a limited edition color from NYC. I found mine at Rite Aid. I don’t generally care for NYC as a brand, but every once in awhile they come up with some brilliant nail polishes. This is a fantastic color, and Seche Vite makes it REALLY pop!

The formula is super opaque. I used two coats, but you might be able to get by with one. This polish does dry quickly and has a beautiful finish.

Even though red polish isn’t groundbreaking, I love this one. It is so rich and just has a little something special to it. 🙂