Zoya Liberty


Let me just say that these photos do NOT do Zoya Liberty much justice. This is a polish that needs to be seen and experienced in person! Liberty is one of the Pixie Dust shades. The sparkle in it is incredible; sadly, I don’t think that is reflected very well in my photos.

Liberty looks lighter on the nail than it does in the bottle, and definitely evokes the image of sparkling blue water. 🙂 Those who are maritime junkies like myself definitely need this shade! Like the other Pixie Dusts I’ve tried, this does dry slowly, but it wears for days without chipping.

I bought this on a whim and am so glad that I did! 🙂


Zoya Dillon


Dillon is part of Zoya’s latest spring collection, Awaken. It is a warm, metallic aqua green color. I really like Zoya’s metallic shades; I find they are the best performing compared to their cream polishes.

The formula on this is okay; it is not as fluid as Zuza (which is fantastic). The shimmer in this color tends to drag and get stuck. It isn’t completely impossible to deal with, but it is something to make note of if you’re considering this shade. It is almost opaque in one coat, and I only ran into the dragging issue with the second application, so it is best to work in thin coats.

This color is a unique take on mint for spring, and I really like it despite the minor formula issue.

Dupe Alert! Zoya Maria Luisa and Revlon Gold Goddess


Happy Friday out there! I have a polish dupe to share today: Revlon Gold Goddess is definitely a dupe for Zoya’s Maria Luisa. This is a favorite layering shade for me. The dupe is from a new Revlon summer display from Gucci Westman, so keep an eye out for it at your drugstores!


Revlon Gold Goddess, Zoya Maria Luisa


Revlon, Zoya

The only difference I see in this polish is that the Revlon has more coverage, while Maria Luisa is more sparse.


The colors, at least from my field of vision, are exactly the same. Zoya isn’t always the easiest brand to find, so if you have that problem, take a look to see if you can find this Revlon collection.

Both shades are easy to apply and are gorgeous. I think Revlon has great nail polish for the price point, usually $5 or less, while Zoya is $9 (BUT they are 5-free as well). Either way, I love this topper and think it is GORGEOUS! If you missed my post about Maria Luisa previously, check it out here.

2014 Color of the Year: Radiant Orchid Polish Picks!


Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2014 is Radiant Orchid. I thought it would be fun to share some of my polish picks in that shade range. As you can see, some are dark, some are bright, and some are in the nude shade range.


Essie Play Date– This is described as “soft purple.” It’s coming across a little dark here; it’s a little brighter in person.

OPI You’re Such a Budapest– This is a purple toned periwinkle shade. This is a really great color for winter and spring because it truly pops on the nail!

Maybelline Lust for Lilac– I think that this is Maybelline’s answer to Radiant Orchid, because this is a new shade for 2014.

Butter London Molly Coddled– This is the perfect choice, as it is described as “lavender orchid cream.”

China Glaze Sweet Hook– I seriously love this color. It’s a pale lavender shade that is white-based.


Essie Bangle Jangle– This is one of the first polishes I bought when I stopped biting my nails. Described as “lavender amethyst”, this looks a lot darker here than in person.

Zoya Rue– I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this color. This is a pink toned nude from Zoya’s spring collection that appears to be Radiant Orchid inspired.

Zoya Kennedy– This is a cool beige cream shade that has a slight lavender tint. This is a great nude!

Revlon Gray Suede– This is another nude in the same color family as Kennedy and Rue. It has some slight shimmer to it. Very office appropriate!

Essie Go Ginza– This is a milky, white-based lavender. It’s like the purple version of Fiji.


orchidIn the sunlight!

There are a lot of great picks out there if you want to get into the Radiant Orchid craze! My favorites from this bunch are China Glaze Sweet Hook (my favorite of them all!), Essie Go Ginza, and OPI You’re Such a Budapest.

Are you enjoying this year’s color of the year?

Sparkling Spring Manicure


I have cabin fever, big time, so I’ve been gravitating toward colors that are reminiscent of spring flowers, like this manicure! I wish the lighting had been better for this, but the sun is rarely out, and this is the best natural light I had at the time.

The taupe/purple base is NARS Night Rider. It has a ton of silver shimmer and flakies in it; so much that it’s difficult to remove! On top of that, I added Butter London Stardust. This is an amazing silver holographic topper. Finally, the accent nail is Zoya’s Pixie Dust polish in Vespa. The result was a very spring oriented manicure that was SO sparkly!

My favorite polish of the three is probably Stardust. I definitely recommend checking it out in person!


What combinations have you been reaching for lately?

Sparkly Gold and Mint Manicure


Hello! I hope you’re having a good week. I’ve been totally hooked on this gold polish I have: Sephora by OPI The Golden Age. It’s just gold glitter with a touch of some silver, but I’ve layering it with everything lately!

In this manicure, I used Zoya Tomoko as accent colors, and Pop Beauty’s Mint Magic as the base layer. This color is SO pretty! My pic is a little dark due to it being winter (natural lighting is poor), but I really got a dose of spring with this manicure. Also, I really like Tomoko! The sparkle is so pretty and the Fairy Dust formula really wears like iron!

What colors have you been enjoying lately?

Zoya Maria Luisa


My obsession with gold polish continues! Maria Luisa is an amber gold flakie style polish. This is actually named after designer Rafael Cennamo’s mother and was created by him for New York Fashion Week earlier this year. Visit this post from Gotham Polish to read more about this shade, and see one of the dresses that inspired the color!

I layered one coat of Maria Luisa over MAC’s Sea Green polish, and I really liked the result! It also went on smoothly and didn’t catch on the nail. This is going to be a gorgeous shade for fall that will transition nicely into the winter season.