Nicole by OPI -Sweet Daisy


I can’t say that I’m a Carrie Underwood fan, (SORRY, HOLLY!), but her nail polish collaboration with Nicole by OPI is really gorgeous. I only picked up this shade, Sweet Daisy (though I’m trying to resist the brighter pink…). Sweet Daisy is a dusty salmon color.

This color is so pretty and feminine! It looks amazing paired with gold glitter (a current obsession of mine). I used two coats for opacity.

I found my polish at Meijer, but the majority of the collection was sold out. If you see a display, I recommend getting what you want right then, because that seems to be the trend!

Did you get anything from this collection?


Manicure Spam! Maybelline, Color Club, Butter London


Hey everyone! I hope you’re having a great day. I have a manicure spam post for today with some shades that I have been wearing lately! First up is the manicure above, which is Color Club Cloud Nine with a Nicole by OPI glitter, Inner Sparkle from the Selena Gomez collection. Unfortunately the sun was not out (shocking, not) when I took this photo, so you can’t see the amazing holographic properties happening here!


Next up is Butter London Kerfuffle with Milani Gems in Gold. I love love love LOVE Kerfuffle! It definitely a favorite pinky peach.


Finally, one of my favorite new polishes that is limited edition from Maybelline: Coral Glow! This is topped with China Glaze White Cap (which as you may know is one of my favorite polishes!). Coral Glow is SO gorgeous and it literally looks lit from within. Since this polish is so affordable (and on sale at Meijer this week, FYI), I did get a back up because I’ve already worn it five times since purchasing it.

Speaking of White Cap, I was at Sally’s the other day and noticed this polish on the markdown table with a “Last Chance” sticker on it. I’m not sure if it’s just leaving Sally’s or being discontinued. Just in case I did purchase another bottle since I use this so often!

So those are some of the manicures I’ve been wearing. Unfortunately my hands are in a terrible state right now. I actually had to get Gold Bond healing hand cream because of the cracks due to dryness. I blame winter! 😉

Nicole by OPI – Still Into Pink + February Alphabet Challenge!


LOOK at how HOT this pink is! Oh my goodness. *Cue dramatic music*- I was in Rite Aid picking up an addiction of mine (Starbucks Refreshers in Raspberry Pomegranate) and I saw this blindingly hot pink Nicole by OPI polish staring at me. I stopped, looked at it, picked it up, put it down, and dashed off to the refrigerated section. I grabbed the cool deliciousness of Starbucks and headed to the register, but then I went back for this polish, and am so glad that I did!

The name, Still Into Pink, made me giggle. Clearly…I love pink. ALL SHADES OF IT. This is an amazing neon with some silvery shimmer. It dries mostly matte, and looks good either left as is or with a top coat (which is what I used). This is only two coats and there’s no need to use a white base either, which is nice! A must for pink fans. Oh, and this is a new shade too!

Also, I have a fun project planned for February here: the alphabet challenge! I’m going to go through the alphabet with my polish (by name, not brand). You’ll see the first one tomorrow, and yes, I even have the tough letters: Q, X, J, and Z.

Nicole by OPI A Gold Winter’s Night + OPI My Very First Knockwurst

I was quite surprised to find the Kardashian holiday collection at Meijer this month, particularly because it is so early! After seeing the display several times I just could not resist A Gold Winter’s Night any longer. It is a beautiful pink/gold glitter with some longer bar glitters in it. My Very First Knockwurst is from the OPI Germany collection; I love a nice cool pink tone!

The glitter polish would have likely popped more on a different color, but in person I just loved this combination. I like that a lot of glitter got on the brush and it was easy to spread on the nail. This is an excellent glitter!

My Very First Knockwurst I was not planning on buying at all, but when I saw it in person, it was love at first sight. This pink is a dusty pink, but still pretty light. Application was a little thin, but smooth. I ended up using three coats of this when worn alone, but only used two when used with the glitter.

Revlon Radiant

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve plucked Radiant up only to put it down and not purchase it. Since I’ve been so obsessed with glitter, I decided to go for it finally, and really like it! This polish is very “aquatic”; it reminds me of mermaids and glittering sea gems. I layered it on top of Nicole by OPI Party in the Penthouse (which I believe was part of a Gossip Girl collection).

I read that the larger hex glitter was very sporadic in the bottle; however, I did not have a problem getting the larger pieces to come out at all. This polish is incredibly sparkly. I used one coat of Party in the Penthouse and two coats of Radiant.

Here it is in full sun. Against the blue of Party in the Penthouse, Radiant still pops nicely.


Weekend Polish Haul

Hello! Are you enjoying the holiday weekend? The way my job works I pretty only much get Christmas as an extended holiday, so this is just a regular old working weekend for me, but I’m glad my hubby is home an extra day this week. We spent a night with his family after we both had work weeks from HELL! And yes, I treated myself to some new polish because of that rotten work week!

My man needed some new work pants and asked me to tag along to the mall today, and I stopped at a table outside of Regis full of clearance stuff. They had a small basket of OPI polish that was buy one, get two free! Then we stopped at Sally Beauty so I could get some hair oil and of course I just could not say no to a fall polish display. Anyway, here’s what I picked up!

OPI Pink Flamenco– I have so many pinks, but this one was just so pretty and vibrant I could not resist it!

OPI Jade is the New Black– This has been on my wishlist, so I was happy to pick up this green shade.

OPI Suzi Takes the Wheel– A lovely gray for fall. I don’t have anything quite like this.

Finger Paints Fall of Surprises– This is a gorgeous copper glitter and it is a cheaper alternative for the copper Orly glitter that is currently out. Unfortunately, the cashier said, “This is so pretty! It looks like Halloween!” I do not like Halloween whatsoever, but hey, she doesn’t know that. 🙂

Orly Ingenue– This was clearly a hit at my Sally Beauty, because it was the only bottle left! This is from last year’s holiday collection, I believe.

Revlon Radiant– Just adding some glitter to my pile with this one; still glitter crazy right now!

Nicole by OPI Rainbow in the S-Kylie– Another Kardashian color, this one is a dupe for OPI Rainbow Connection, which I do not have and adore!

Do you have any of these colors? I’m not sure which one to use first!


Nicole By OPI: Coral Denominator

I am SO excited about this polish! I say that all the time, but I just can’t help it…I’m an excitable person and have always been that way. Anyway, I have a beautiful polish today called Coral Denominator. Funnily enough, this is from the Justin Beiber collection that was exclusive to Canada. How did I end up with it? It was at Marshall’s in a double polish pack.

Coral Denominator is a beautiful coral/pink full of gold shimmer. It has a bit of a glassy finish. Application is very easy and smooth (it looks terrible on my middle finger; that nail is slanted because the side broke). I read on some nail blogs that people had trouble with opacity, but this was just three coats for me, which is doable.

Like other polishes that have a lot of shimmer, clean up is kind of a pain, but no way is that a deal breaker for me. This polish definitely sky-rocketed in terms of my favorite pinks; it was love at first sight! It reminds me of a darker, deeper version of NARS Super Orgasm blush/polish/everything-else-NARS-makes.

Also spotted at Marshall’s recently: Essie polish for $4 and Jessica polish in multi-packs for I believe $10. I didn’t pick up any of these, but the double packs of Nicole by OPI are $7 for two polishes, which is a great bargain!