Hare Polish Hooky at the Hamlet


Hooky at the Hamlet is a gorgeous green, glittered, jelly polish from the indie brand Hare Polish. I am a sucker for anything with white glitter, so this polish was a must have for me after I saw swatches of it on Temptalia.

I did not use a base color, and with two coats you can still see some visible nail line. I don’t mind this, because I used to be a biter, and a nail line is major progress! Hooky at the Hamlet is from the spring collection entitled The Last Queen of France (based on Marie Antoinette).

This polish is a little thick, but nothing impossible to work with. The glitters didn’t require any extra moving around and went on easily.

The color of this polish is amazing! It really glows on the nail. I got mine from Llarowe for $11, but it is currently sold up. If you sign up for emails from Llarowe, they will send you an email when a brand is going to be restocked.


MAC Pistachio Creme


MAC Pistachio Creme is a limited edition polish that was just released with the Baking Beauties collection. I bought this in Chicago at a MAC counter in Nordstrom. The MUA was wearing this color and I complimented her on it; she said it was Pistachio Creme and that they had one bottle left, so I decided to get it.

With a name like Pistachio Creme you may expect it to be green, right? Well, this is more of a robin’s egg blue. MAC is not known for having good polish at all, but I am really happy with this. It was a little streaky on the first layer, but the second layer leveled out perfectly. I wore this for three days and didn’t have any chips at all. I don’t know if it’s my new nail care routine (more on that later), the polish, or the top coat, but I was way impressed with that number since my living revolves around typing!

I added some stripe detailing with a Color Club Art Club polish in Long Beach, which is a gorgeous rose gold type shade.

Overall, I love this polish and am really happy with it!

Butter London Bit Faker


Another summer must have, Butter London Bit Faker is “A full coverage bronze glitter that was inspired by the tan from a can.” This polish is so much more than a bronze glitter. This polish is simply amazing and in my humble opinion, back-up worthy!


This is two coats of Bit Faker, and as you can see it is packed full of different glitters. Not only bronze, but also what looks to be some gold, rose gold, and possibly black? The sparkle on this polish is mind blowing. It is one of those polishes where you will paint your nails and simply stare at them!

Bit Faker is part of BL’s summer collection, and is $15 at Ulta, the Butter London website, Dermstore, and Zappos.

Since this is a glitter, let’s talk about application and removal. I used two coats and no base, but you could also use a base and just one coat if you don’t want all of that glitter on your nails. Removal is not as bad as you would think for a glitter, at least not with a little bit of soaking with Zoya Remove. The finish is semi-matte and a little bumpy, but nothing a good top coat can’t take care of.

Mom, I think this would look amazing on you! πŸ™‚


Maybelline Color Show Urban Utopia


Urban Utopia is one of the new limited edition polishes from Maybelline’s summer collection. I knew this display was going to kill me. Since it’s a summer collection, all of the polishes are beach related and in beach hues of blue, gray, and nude. I spent all of my summers at the beach with my grandparents, so anything with that theme lures me in!

This color is showing up really blue in photos, but in real life it definitely has more green to it.Β  Also, in the photos above, there’s no top coat. Look how shiny it is! This is just two coats as well. The application of this polish was very smooth as well.

The Color Show polishes run between $3 and $4 at drugstores and convenience stores. They color variety is great. I have a couple of polishes from their regular line, but much prefer the limited edition shades!

Alphabet Challenge: Zoya Zuza!


Well, it’s finally the last alphabet challenge polish, Zoya Zuza! I have posted about Zuza before, but it’s the perfect time of year to share it again. I love this polish. In my opinion, it is Zoya’s prettiest color, and I’m sure many people would agree with me. These metallic micro glitter polishes are what Zoya does best. The formula is amazing and it just glides onto the nail! This is two coats.

Zuza is perfect for summer. It is a highly shimmery silvery turquoise. Supposedly there’s gold in this shade according to Zoya’s website, but I find it difficult to see. This color is perfect for a pedicure and is definitely a polish must have!

Thanks for reading these alphabet challenge posts. I’m looking forward to not being so restricted to letters of the alphabet. πŸ˜‰

More Random Manicure Spam!


Hello! I have another manicure spam post today of some polishes I’ve been wearing over the last three weeks or so. Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of one of my favorite combinations, so I may have to recreate that one again! First up is Essie Sand Tropez. Bad lighting makes this look like a really blah nude, but I promise it is very pretty! It just doesn’t look that great on those nubs… πŸ˜‰


Another Essie here, a new one from their 2013 Resort Collection: In the Cab-Ana. This color is amazing! Every spring and summer there’s some kind of shade like this one released, and I never tire of it.


The last Essie, and a terrible cell phone quality photo, is First Timer. This is a great minty green and it is lighter than last year’s hit, Mojito Madness.


Butter London Alcopop is a classic baby pink shade. If you’re wondering how this compares to Teddy Girl, it isn’t as pale and chalky.


My nails are super short in this picture, but this is Deborah Lippman’s Rockin’ Robin. I’m going to hold off on my opinion of this because I want to do a separate review.


OPI Pussy Galore. OH MY…I am SO OBSESSED with this color! Yes, it deserves all of those capital letters. This is like fairy princess in a jar. This is a liquid sand polish from the new Bond Girls collection.


This last one is what I’m wearing right now! Illamasqua Noble with OPI Which is Witch? and OPI Lights of Emerald City. I love this combination!


Desert Essence Organic Repair Pumpkin Hand Cream Review


Hey everyone! I know it has been awhile since I’ve written anything here. After coming home from Chicago on Friday, I had a crazy few days of work. After all of the papers I had to grade, I just didn’t feel like looking at my computer anymore!Β  Now I’m back with a review of an amazing hand cream from Desert Essence.

First, let me just say that in the past I have felt like there’s nothing out there to moisturize my hands. My hands are so dry in the winter and it seems like I’m putting on hand cream every hour. I’ve tried Soap and Glory (meh), EOS (not bad), Vitabath (like), Gold Bond (great for healing painfully dry hands), and just regular lotions. My husband and I were out running some errands over the weekend, when I found this hand cream at an organic store.



A high concentration of organic oils and extracts provide intense moisture to the skin and aid in the repair process. Organic Jojoba Oil, similar in structure to our skin’s oils, deeply penetrates the skin, leaving it soft and supple. Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil, with high levels of Vitamins A, C, E, and K, plus zinc, helps combat daily environmental stress on the hands. A proprietary blend of Organic Pumpkin Seed and Licorice Leaf Extracts helps to even skin tone and fade the appearance of age spots on the hands.

No: Parabens, Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulfates, Phthalates, Artificial Fragrances or Colors, Silicones, EDTA, Glycol or Petroleum-based Ingredients, Phosphates, Animal Testing

Yes: Vegetarian/Vegan, Wheat & Gluten Free, Recyclable, Biodegradable, Renewable Sources, Cruelty Free

*From DesertEssence.com

Wow, good stuff, right? Well, it definitely is! Not only does this smell amazing (pumpkin!!), it is so soft and moisturizing! This lotion sinks right into my skin and glides on easily.


Not much is needed to moisturize both hands either. It dries quickly and doesn’t leave greasy residue behind like some hand lotions.

The cost is also affordable: $9 for 4 ounces. I am so happy that I found this hand cream and would definitely purchase it again, and likely will when I run out! It smells great and is very affordable.