Let Them Eat Cake and Lemon Ice!

I have something adorable to show you today! I paired Lemon Ice from the Megan Miller Collection with this amazing indie polish from Black Cat Lacquer called Let Them Eat Cake. Lemon Ice is sort of a jelly, sort of a creme; it’s a nice cross between the two!

Let Them Eat Cake is a beautiful glitter mix, packed full of pastels. It really does look like cake, and the colors in the Marie Antoinette movie (which I LOVE).

I really like how this turned out! I used one coat of Lemon Ice, one coat of a glitter, and then Lemon Ice again. The glitter was perfect; I picked up a lot with the brush, so I didn’t have to use a super thick coat of the base.

This ended up really soft and feminine and squishy to the eye. Both polishes applied nicely and I’m happy to have paired them together!

If you like Black Cat Lacquer’s Let Them Eat Cake, you can check out the rest of the shop on Etsy!


Megan Miller Collection Caribbean

This summer, Wet ‘n’ Wild had a limited edition collection for the Fourth of July called Sparks and StripesΒ  that consisted of several glitters. I picked up one called Light with Caution, which is a lovely pink mixed with gold. I paired it with Caribbean, a gorgeous teal jelly from the Megan Miller Collection. Caribbean is what I wanted Revlon’s Sheer Seafoam to be (more on that later).

There’s some tip wear in these shots, and the shots aren’t very good, but I wanted to show the ultimate outcome since it was a very pretty manicure despite poor photos! I thought these two were perfect together; I’ll definitely use this polish for some more jelly sandwiches, because it is PERFECT for it!

This glitter is really lovely and not annoying to put on. I did have trouble with layering Caribbean at the tips (clearly!). That definitely needs to be fixed next time! I have worn Caribbean on its own, and it’s a great jelly.

One more thing- I started a beauty blog too! You can check it out here. I’ve been into pretty much anything girly my entire life: dresses, makeup, shoes, purses….I would live in a pink castle decked out with ruffles if I could. πŸ˜€ Thanks in advance if you check it out!

Megan Miller Collection Roja

Red is probably the most popular color in the beauty world. How many of us are always searching for the perfect shade of red? With lipstick, Chanel’s Dragon seems to be what gets the most hype. Because red is so common, I rarely go bananas over it, but this amazing polish from the Megan Miller Collection is simply stunning!

How cute are these bottles? The cork top is stamped with a feather, and it actually makes the whole painting process quite enjoyable. I especially loved that I had a good grip on the cork as opposed to slippery, hard plastic.

Application is perfection with Roja! It went on smoothly and easily, and it didn’t slide all over the place like some polishes do.

I used two coats here, but I think three would have been ideal for this color. I have never seen these in person and ordered mine off of the website. Shipping was incredibly fast! I ordered this on the 19th and it was at my doorstep on the 21st. Also, every month features a “color of the month”, where a polish is offered at a discount. This month’s color of the month is Coral Bliss.

Right now, there are 12 colors available from the Megan Miller Collection, but I am hoping that this will expand in the future!