Deborah Lippmann Stronger

stronger11Deborah Lippmann Stronger was created with Kelly Clarkson. This is one CHUNKY glitter. I don’t mind though, because it is easy to achieve opacity. Still, I layered it over Zoya Neve since they seemed to look a similar shade of “blurple.”

Stronger is a mix of blue toned glitter that leans purple, with multi-colored glitter. There’s gold, red, holographic, you name it in here. Like most of Deborah Lippmann glitters, I could not stop staring at my nails while wearing it! Like I mentioned already, it is very chunky and densely packed. If you work slowly, you can get an even finish. I had no problems with a top coat though, and the glitter didn’t eat it all up, so I was left with smooth nails.

Do you have this shade?



Butter London Stratford Honey


Stratford Honey is named after the “historic London town where the Beatles’ “Penny Lane” was filmed. This polish is from the Holiday 2013 line, The Illusionists. This is another polish topper, and although this is incredibly subtle, the simplicity is why it shines.

This is essentially a plain gold glitter topcoat. The glitter is very tiny and fine. You could wear this alone for just a touch of sparkle, or over something darker for a more dramatic effect. It reminds me of a much more fine version of the 18K gold top coats from last season. I layered it over OPI My Private Jet and I really liked the outcome! Because My Private Jet is cool in tone and has some holographic shimmer, Stratford Honey warms it up a bit and brings out the shimmer factor even more.

Have you tried any of the Butter London holiday polishes yet? What are your favorite “overcoat” shades?

Butter London The 444


Here’s a manicure that I am CRAZY about. It’s simple, but so pretty! I could not stop staring at my nails when I wore this combination, and kept pointing out to my husband “LOOK AT MY NAILS!” That would be the result of this amazing champagne glitter from Butter London, The 444.

This polish is named after the first BL HQ. It is a very dense, champagne glitter, which is pretty much one of my nail polish downfalls. I have a serious obsession with any champagne/gold type of glitter. I haven’t worn this alone yet, but I think it could work in three or so coats. This is just one coat over two coats of OPI Berlin There, Done That, which is a muted taupe.
The formula on The 444 is very smooth and without catching or pulling. The glitter doesn’t bunch up on the brush either. This is a great shade and adds a nice touch of sparkle to bare nails, or while wearing something underneath.

L’Oreal Hidden Gems


Last weekend I finally spotted the limited edition L’Oreal textured polishes. They are gorgeous, but I only picked up one: Hidden Gems. Interestingly, this appears to have some duochrome qualities! This is a deep teal with some pink shade shifting, and silver glitter pieces.

I’m so into the textured trend and love this polish! Hidden Gems is so unique and really needs to be seen in person! I used two coats here and it went on smoothly. My only annoyance is that when it comes to drugstore brands, they always produce their best stuff as limited edition products. I don’t get it! Anyway, if you want to try out textured polishes but haven’t sprung for the more expensive variety like OPI or Zoya, this is a good place to start. I paid $6 at Rite Aid for Hidden Gems. 🙂

Maybelline Brocades in Gilded Rose


Maybelline’s holiday collection, the Brocades, is amazingly gorgeous! I cannot resist sparkles, but only ended up with a couple of polishes from this collection so far, including this one: Gilded Rose. This shade has gold shimmer and metallic rose shimmer. I thought it applied nicely and wasn’t too chunky. You just never know with glitter.

This is two coats over Essie Topless and Barefoot, which is a pale nude pink. I am going to try Gilded Rose over some darker shades to see how that looks, but I love it over lighter colors so far! This could easily be layered to opacity as well, but I already had the Essie polish on!

Maybelline is one brand where their limited edition stuff is consistently better than the main line. Kind of frustrating, but kind of exciting too.

Did you get anything from this collection yet?

Dior Galaxie


Rarely do I buy a Dior polish since they are so expensive, but every once in awhile, they release a color that I just lose all rationality for, like Galaxie. This is a limited edition polish from the Fall 2013 collection.

Galaxie is a deep plum shade with subtle pink shimmer. It has a *touch* of metallic finish and applies beautifully. I didn’t have any trouble applying Galaxie, and it was opaque in two coats. It was *almost* opaque in one coat.

The brush is flat with a rounded tip, so it covers a lot of space at once. If you have small nails like I do, you may need to be careful with it.

I don’t know what it is about this shade that I love so much, but it is just gorgeous and rich. Even though this is limited edition, you can still find this shade on Nordstrom’s website, and probably in stores as well!

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Jade Jump – Get This Polish Now!!


Jade Jump is my new green polish OBSESSION. Just look at how pretty it is! I absolutely love it. I think this is part of the regular Insta-Dri line, but I can’t be positive, because it was on some sort of end cap with a bunch of other shades that looked new. In any case, I love this shade. It’s not really a mint green, but not really grassy green either. It’s just kind of that retro, 1960s mod green, which I LOVE.

True to the name, it does dry quickly. I used two coats. The only thing I don’t like about the Insta-Dri polishes is that the polish really runs down the brushes quickly, so I need to watch out for drips.

Do you have this shade? What are your favorite greens?