Studio M Stargazer

Happy Belated Thanksgiving! I’m absolutely exhausted, as I’ve been out shopping all day with my mom and sister. We don’t do the big super early Black Friday shopping, but since they live in the boonies and visited me for the holiday, we went all over the place. Now that I spent far too much money today, I figure it’s a good time to show off a great budget glitter polish!

Studio M has some incredible glitters out right now and they were just on sale last week at Meijer. Regularly priced, these polishes are only $3, and they have a big holiday display on some of the side caps. Stargazer is a “hairy” black bar glitter with gold bar glitter laced throughout. It adds a bit of texture to the nails, which I really like! The glitter is actually pretty long, with small pieces throughout.

I layered it over Illamasqua Nomad earlier this week, and the colors just popped. Unfortunately it has been quite cloudy and I haven’t been able to get the best photos lately. I did pick up some other Studio M glitters during the sale at Meijer (pretty much my favorite place to buy polish), so expect some more soon! 🙂


Studio M On The Hunt

Studio M polish is a brand that I’ve only seen at Meijer. It’s $3 per bottle, and I once read that it is owned by Color Club. On the Hunt is a sky blue color with a lovely gold sheen shimmer. It’s very difficult to capture the gold, especially in sunlight, and it is much more prominent in person.

The gold is much more visible here, indoors in natural light. The gold is very pretty in this polish, and when I first saw it, I found it to be unique. The reason I got this polish is to wear during Manchester City games, my husband’s favorite soccer team.

This is their crest; as you can see, the sky blue and gold match On the Hunt! I hope that my hubby appreciates this. 😉

In full sunlight, it looks a bit washed out. The photos really don’t do this polish justice! It is truly unlike anything else I have. One thing I don’t like about this polish is that it seemed a little lengthy with the drying time. Application was not bad, but not the greatest either. For the price, I think Studio M is a good polish. I often find Studio M in the clearance bin for $1.50, and it goes on sale every once in awhile too.