High End Polish Haul!


I recently picked up some high end nail polishes that I have had my eye on for awhile. Let’s jump into it, shall we?

First, I decided to get two more Marc Jacobs polishes. I had my eye on Jezebel for many moons, so I decided to just pick it up this time. It is a deep vampy red shade with just a touch of brightness. Cora is a shimmering burgundy with rose microglitter. This color is really unique!


MAC released a bunch of interesting toppers this year in addition to actually lowering their polish prices. I picked up two of them: Too Short Skirt (coral with pink pearl) and Spoonful of Sugar (pink with pink pearl).


Personally, I find MAC polishes underrated as I have said many times! I love how they wear and I like the color selection.

My big splurge was Dior Lady. I’m a SUCKER for a neutral and natural pink. This is new for spring and every once in awhile I like to splurge on something from Dior if I think it is fantastic, and Lady certainly fits the bill. 🙂

The last thing I picked up was actually with Sephora points perks, and that is the Pink Gel Coat from Perfect Formula. I heard a few raves about this, and since it was a 100 point perk, I decided to give it a try! So far I don’t have any major opinions on it, but I’m anxious to see if it strengthens my nails, since they are pretty weak.

Have you tried any of these shades yet? Coming soon is a comparison post with Lady! 🙂


Dior Rouge #999


Hello! I hope everyone had a nice holiday! I was hoping to have some more posts up by the end of this month, but I just ran out of time. My husband and I hosted Christmas this year, so the past week was a whirlwind! Anyway, I’m back with a mini Dior polish that I got during Sephora’s Cyber Monday sale in November: Rouge #999.

This is a bright, sexy red shade. It reminds me a bit of OPI Vodka & Caviar, but more creamy. The formula on this is amazing! I’m wearing one coat in the photos above. It went on smoothly and it is SO glossy! The shine in the photos is just the polish, no top coat at all.

Though I got the mini as a freebie, I would purchase the large size if I run out of this one. It is definitely an iconic red in the likes of Chanel Dragon, or as already mentioned, Vodka & Caviar. It also appears to be part of Dior’s permanent polish collection.

If you’re wondering where my index finger is, these swatches are from earlier in the month when I had the worst paper cut of my entire life on my index finger. It was way too gross to show, so I’ll be missing a digit in some upcoming posts. 🙂

Dior Galaxie


Rarely do I buy a Dior polish since they are so expensive, but every once in awhile, they release a color that I just lose all rationality for, like Galaxie. This is a limited edition polish from the Fall 2013 collection.

Galaxie is a deep plum shade with subtle pink shimmer. It has a *touch* of metallic finish and applies beautifully. I didn’t have any trouble applying Galaxie, and it was opaque in two coats. It was *almost* opaque in one coat.

The brush is flat with a rounded tip, so it covers a lot of space at once. If you have small nails like I do, you may need to be careful with it.

I don’t know what it is about this shade that I love so much, but it is just gorgeous and rich. Even though this is limited edition, you can still find this shade on Nordstrom’s website, and probably in stores as well!

My DREAM Polish! Dior Princess


Yesterday, I purchased my most expensive bottle of nail polish to date. This was a major luxury splurge for me, but when I saw swatches of this shade online, it just tugged at my heartstrings a bit. A pink packed with silver and pink shimmer called Princess, and Dior no less? Um, yes please! Also, this polish reminded me of my golden retriever…my heartdog, Wembley, who passed away three years ago. She had a collar like this nail polish, so all of that combined, well, it was all over.

Anyway, I was looking for a museum when I accidentally walked too far and landed at Sephora. No really, it was an accident, I swear! That’s when I bought this polish.


These aren’t the best swatches since I don’t have my usual camera on me, but you get the idea. It is so pretty…I can’t stop staring at my nails. The shimmer is a lot more visible in person. This is a cool-toned pink. Sephora describes it as “sparkling carnation pink.” I love carnations so that works for me!


This is two coats; the formula was easy to work with, as it should be since this is a $24 bottle of nail polish! Way back when I stopped biting, I wanted to reward myself with something fancy when the one year mark arrived. That time passed and I never did that, but am so happy I waited for this color. If someone designed a polish based on me, I would want it to look just like this one. 🙂 This is a limited edition shade.

Do you have any Dior polishes?