Zoya Remove Plus: Possible Dupe?


Hey everyone! I was excited about a recent discovery and just had to share it right away! I was running some errands and of course popped into the nail polish aisle, where I spotted a new bottle of Onyx Professional nail polish remover in the moisturizing formula. Hoping it might be similar to Zoya Remove Plus, I purchased it! You might be familiar with Onyx because it is so cost effective: $2.50 for sixteen fluid ounces of remover.

When I used the Onyx Professional Moisturizing Formula, it felt very similar to the Zoya formula. It did not dry out my nails at all like straight acetone does, and it removed my polish quickly. It has a slightly stronger scent than Zoya Remove Plus.

Let’s take a look at the ingredients:


The Zoya remover has very little ingredients; 2-Propanone is just another name for acetone. The second ingredient is water, followed by glycerine, fragrance, and some coloring.


The ingredients in Onyx Professional are a little different, but the first two ingredients are the same. Denatonium benzoate is a bittering agent that is actually used to repel animals and children from drinking substances like antifreeze. Tocopheryl acetate is Vitamin E with acetic acid, used to make the product last longer; however, this ingredient could be an irritant to some due to the acetic acid. Aloe leaf juice is followed by some fragrance, which is finally followed up with two different coloring agents: CI45410 (Ranks 1 on the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Cosmetic Database as a low risk ingredient), and CI60730 (EWG rating: 3).

The Zoya remover is the healthier choice overall, as it has less ingredients; however, I did not experience any irritation with the Onyx Professional remover and was happy with how it removed my polish. Zoya Remove Plus is an amazing nail polish remover; however, it is $10 for 8 ounces and I have to either order it online or drive fifteen miles to get it.

Zoya Remove is worth every single penny, but the Onyx Professional Moisturizing Formula is very similar and a great alternative. I am going to switch up the two just to make my Zoya remover last a little longer.