Sally Hansen Tupelo Honey


This color from Sally Hansen really caught my eye! Tupelo Honey is a new polish from the Sally Hansen Salon Manicure line. These aren’t my favorite polishes usually, but every once in awhile they have shades that catch my eye. Also, can I just say that I can’t stand how these bottles are shaped?

Anyway, Tupelo Honey has a great formula. This could be a one-coater with a thicker coat, but I used two thin coats.

The color reminds me of the limited edition Butter London nudes that were out some time ago. It’s a rich, deep honey color.

This color really reminds me of fall! 🙂


Essie Blossom Dandy


Essie Blossom Dandy is a polish that I saw on the Essie display and grabbed without even hesitating. Minty blue? Yes, please! Actually, I’m not sure if I would call this quite “mint”. It’s definitely more blue than green.

The formula is not bad for it being a pastel. It is a little streaky, but I was able to get away with two coats. This is from the Spring 2015 collection. There are a couple other colors that I have my eye on too, but for now I’m sticking with Blossom Dandy. And that name- how cute is it?

If you like pastels, definitely check out this one!

Sinful Colors Skylark


Skylark from Sinful Colors is a gorgeous pale peach color. These types of colors are my weakness. I just can’t resist a good peach! Supposedly Skylark is a Walgreens exclusive. I’m not completely sure how true that is though; however, I haven’t seen it elsewhere.

The formula on this is pretty good for a pastel. I only used two coats, and it wasn’t streaky. The polish did tend to run fast and flood the cuticles, so I recommend working slowly and with thinner coats. That said, if you’re a fan of this color you can’t go wrong for just a couple dollars. 🙂

Essence Nail Art Drying Drops Review


It’s a little scary how long this has been sitting in my draft folder, but these drying drops are worth a mention! Awhile back I tried the Essence Gel top coat (which was TERRIBLE). Happily, the drying drops are a much better product.

Most of the time I am skeptical about drying drops, but these actually work really well. A lot of product tends to come out at once, so I recommend slowly squeezing the dropper. Also, it helps to wipe away the excess product from the cuticles and around the nails.

As far as the product goes, it DOES dry nails quickly; my polish is dry in a couple minutes with these drops. The best part is that these drops are only $3. I like them for when I’m in a hurry especially. If you’re on of those “before bedtime” nail polish painters, you also might like these drops.

I have used more expensive drying drops that do not work half as well as the Essence variety.  These drops are a definite win! I purchase mine from Ulta. 🙂

Butter London Scuppered


Butter London Scuppered is now an oldie (2012!) but a goodie. This is a beautiful polish for fall. I think I even took these photos in the fall. 😉

I don’t have anything like this polish. It is a bronze metallic shade with specks of orange, green, gold, and pink. There are some larger touches of green glitter throughout, but the other colors are mostly fine shimmer.

For all that is going on, this formula is really smooth. This is a beautiful shade if you like rich bronze colors. 🙂 Unfortunately, this color has been discontinued by the brand, but you can find it on other retailers still.

Rejuvacote Nail Growth System Review


I have to give some love to the Rejuvacote Nail Growth System. Usually when something touts nail growth, at least in my experience, it just does not work. I first read about Rejuvacote on one of my favorite beauty blogs, and decided to give it a whirl. I’m glad that I did!

I use it as a base coat, although you can also use it as a top coat per the bottle recommendations. You can apply it daily to improve nail growth, which is what I do if I’m not wearing any polish.

When I use Rejuvacote, I do notice that my nails grow considerably faster with it. Are they stronger? Not necessarily; however, I do appreciate the quick growth!

This is my third bottle of Rejuvacote and I do not go without it in my nail aresenal now. If you don’t have the glamorous nails of other nail bloggers and are stuck with stubs that break a lot like mine, give this a whirl! 🙂

First Jamberry Manicure


Jamberry is taking over my Facebook feed. Seriously! It seems like everyone I know is doing Jamberry parties. I officially ‘attended’ two of them and purchased a couple of items from each one; however, my BFF gave me the wraps in the photo above because they are definitely my style and not so much hers. 🙂

This was my first Jamberry manicure and as you can see, I definitely had some trouble. I’m sure it will get better with practice. My sister-in-law has perfectly shaped fingernails, so her nails always look good. My nails are short and break a lot; however, the real problem I have when applying these is that my nails are very small and narrow. I would probably fare better with the child-sized Jamberry wraps!

Now the wraps themselves are of good quality. They really do stay on the nail. I didn’t test the two week claim, because I usually don’t have the patience to keep them on that long. They are also good for accent nails.

At $15 a sheet, I don’t think it is a bad price for how many uses. Jamberry claims you can get 3 uses per pack; I could probably get more than that due to my tiny nails.

Although I’m still experimenting with these, my experience so far has been mostly positive. 🙂