Cherimoya Pebble Beach in Aquamarine


Presenting a polish that I am absolutely head over heels for: Pebble Beach Crystal Sand Lacquer from Cherimoya. Now to back up to the story behind my finding it! My husband travels for work, and since my cousin lives with us right now, we have a built-in pet sitter. That means I can occasionally go with him, which is what I did for a night in December.

Since my hubby had to work, I decided to wander around the local mall, where I stumbled upon a little cosmetics store that also carried a wide selection of nail polish. That’s when I purchased this great polish! I absolutely love foils paired with glitter, and the aquamarine color was just too pretty to pass up.

After doing some reading, this polish is designed to create a “no-fail gradient” nail look, meaning you can layer it with other polishes in the line without having to sponge or blend in the colors to get that gradient look. You can of course wear the polish on its own as well.

As far as I’m concerned, the color is to die for, and the application was perfect as well. This is two coats. Next time I’m pairing it with glitter!