High End Polish Haul!


I recently picked up some high end nail polishes that I have had my eye on for awhile. Let’s jump into it, shall we?

First, I decided to get two more Marc Jacobs polishes. I had my eye on Jezebel for many moons, so I decided to just pick it up this time. It is a deep vampy red shade with just a touch of brightness. Cora is a shimmering burgundy with rose microglitter. This color is really unique!


MAC released a bunch of interesting toppers this year in addition to actually lowering their polish prices. I picked up two of them: Too Short Skirt (coral with pink pearl) and Spoonful of Sugar (pink with pink pearl).


Personally, I find MAC polishes underrated as I have said many times! I love how they wear and I like the color selection.

My big splurge was Dior Lady. I’m a SUCKER for a neutral and natural pink. This is new for spring and every once in awhile I like to splurge on something from Dior if I think it is fantastic, and Lady certainly fits the bill. 🙂

The last thing I picked up was actually with Sephora points perks, and that is the Pink Gel Coat from Perfect Formula. I heard a few raves about this, and since it was a 100 point perk, I decided to give it a try! So far I don’t have any major opinions on it, but I’m anxious to see if it strengthens my nails, since they are pretty weak.

Have you tried any of these shades yet? Coming soon is a comparison post with Lady! 🙂


MAC Quick Million


Hello! It has been so long since I’ve posted here, which I do feel bad about! Time just got away from me, and to be honest, my nails have not been in the greatest condition, and it is discouraging. 😦 Since it’s winter now, and the environment has been cold and wet since fall, my nails tend to get really soft and break easily due to all of the running I do outside. It’s pretty frustrating! Anyway, hopefully I will get back to it, even if my nails aren’t the greatest on the planet.

MAC Quick Million is a mix of yellow gold and pink/peach toned hexagons. It isn’t quite that unique since Essie and Maybelline have colors like this that are similar. That said, the formula is better and it lasts longer than those two brands.

MAC polishes are only $12 now, which is a pretty good price point since they used to be in the $16 range. They also improved their formula and released a bunch of new shades. If you like sparkle, this is a good one!

MAC Silly


MAC Silly is a bright pink cream from a limited edition MAC collection. Even though this is LE, I’m pretty sure this can be found at CCO stores now, so if you like it, take a look there!

I have many pinks, but find this one interesting. The white balance here gives this a pale, but still vibrant vibe. You know it’s a good polish when you can’t stop staring at your nails.

The formula is a little streaky, so I had to use two coats. I generally have good luck with MAC polishes and find they wear for a long time on my nails.

MAC Riri Woo!


WOW- This red is so amazing! MAC Riri Woo was a polish that I originally missed out on since it was sold out immediately. Some stalking of the MAC website paid off, and I ended up catching this shade. This is a blue-based red cream and it is SO bright! This is definitely one of my favorite reds of all time.

The formula of this polish is fantastic. If you don’t mind visible nail line, this looks great with one coat. I used two here, and there’s still a little bit of nail line, but nothing major.

I LOVE this color. It is so vibrant and gorgeous, plus it has a great formula. I find MAC polishes are long lasting on my nails.

MAC Impassioned


Impassioned is a color from MAC’s permanent polish line that was repromoted in the recent Indulge collection. Described as a “bright warm pink”, it’s a little more red than that; however, it is still pink if that makes sense. This polish is REALLY difficult to describe! I don’t have anything quite like it.

The shade is definitely warm toned; it also borders on looking neon. I did need three coats for opacity, but I find that MAC’s formula wears really well on my nails. It looks a lot more red in the photos than it does in real life. If I had to compare it to something, I would say it is a pinker version of OPI Cajun Shrimp!

MAC Sinfully Sweet!


MAC Sinfully Sweet is a new polish from the Indulge collection. Described as “sparkling champagne with gold pearl”, it is shiny and sparkling! I love this color. Interestingly, I found that it looks different than Temptalia’s swatches. Hers looks more gray/taupe, whereas I felt the gold really shined through on my polish. Maybe it’s the lighting?

Anyway, this polish is so gorgeous and it applies nicely as well. It definitely has a bit of sparkle to it, and actually reminds me a bit of one of my favorite OPI polishes, Designer de Better, but more gold. I think I am going to do a comparison post with this polish to see what might be similar.

The formula is smooth and I used three thin coats. I know MAC nail polish often has a bad reputation, but their wear time is amazing on my nails compared to other brands. This is a limited edition polish and available now on MAC’s website.

MAC Sweet Pop


MAC Sweet Pop is from this summer’s all about orange collection. I LOVE this color. It has a bit of a pastel, glowy feel to it in person. It also wears well. I wore this for five days before removing it, and it still looked great. Although the photo doesn’t reflect it, It looks so amazing with OPI When Monkeys Fly over it!

The formula is a little streaky, but nothing that can’t be worked with. It is still smooth and levels out nicely. This is a unique shade and still available on MAC’s website if it is a shade that you like!

This might be one of my favorite polish colors of all time. It is amazing! I may do a comparison post with some other peach shades just to see how they compare. What do you think of this color?