Victoria’s Secret Signature Pink!


I have yet another pink today! I picked this up during the Victoria’s Secret semi-annual sale for a mere $1.75. There’s not much to say about the color except that it is indeed their famous pink shade and it is definitely HOT pink!

This polished is housed in the same style bottle as Butter London, which I like because these are so easy to store. The formula of the polish is good too! It goes on smoothly and is opaque in two coats. I think this color will be even better for my toes (don’t worry, you’ll never seen them!), in the summer with a little bit of a tan so it really pops!

My goodness, I have been literally obsessed with pink polish lately. I think my entire life could be broken down into varying levels of pink obsession…just ask my mom! 🙂

Anyway, have you tried any polish from Victoria’s Secret?