Color Club Cloud 9


Hello! I have an awesome pink holo today: Color Club Cloud 9. Last year Color Club came out with an entire collection of holographic polishes. I ended up getting three of them, including this one!

Cloud 9 is a light pink, liner holographic polish. I used two coats since this polish is pretty thin, but it could have probably used one more. One thing is for sure: every time I wear a holo shade, I can’t stop staring at my nails, especially in the sunlight. They’re just gorgeous! I don’t think I will ever tire of holographics…*Oooh shiny*.

When I first started getting into nail polish, holographic shades were hard to find. That isn’t the case anymore, and this Color Club collection is a great example of that. They are still widely available too, so you can find it for sale online! 🙂


Manicure Spam! Maybelline, Color Club, Butter London


Hey everyone! I hope you’re having a great day. I have a manicure spam post for today with some shades that I have been wearing lately! First up is the manicure above, which is Color Club Cloud Nine with a Nicole by OPI glitter, Inner Sparkle from the Selena Gomez collection. Unfortunately the sun was not out (shocking, not) when I took this photo, so you can’t see the amazing holographic properties happening here!


Next up is Butter London Kerfuffle with Milani Gems in Gold. I love love love LOVE Kerfuffle! It definitely a favorite pinky peach.


Finally, one of my favorite new polishes that is limited edition from Maybelline: Coral Glow! This is topped with China Glaze White Cap (which as you may know is one of my favorite polishes!). Coral Glow is SO gorgeous and it literally looks lit from within. Since this polish is so affordable (and on sale at Meijer this week, FYI), I did get a back up because I’ve already worn it five times since purchasing it.

Speaking of White Cap, I was at Sally’s the other day and noticed this polish on the markdown table with a “Last Chance” sticker on it. I’m not sure if it’s just leaving Sally’s or being discontinued. Just in case I did purchase another bottle since I use this so often!

So those are some of the manicures I’ve been wearing. Unfortunately my hands are in a terrible state right now. I actually had to get Gold Bond healing hand cream because of the cracks due to dryness. I blame winter! 😉

Plaid Nails!

During the summer, my husband and I went to the Highland Festival that is held in Alma. We both ended up getting scarves; each scarf had a clan associated with it and all of them were some sort of plaid (yes, Captain Obvious moment). I got the Macbeth clan scarf because I love Shakespeare and Macbeth is definitely a favorite of mine. These nails don’t look anything like my scarf, BUT I did use Butter London Macbeth as the base color!

I wanted to do blue and yellow with this, but the yellow bottle was stuck shut and my muscle man was still at work. 😉 Instead, I used blue and white from the Color Club Art Club line.

Macbeth is a reddish/pinky shade, and super pretty. I didn’t do the best job with the lines, but I liked the ultimate result and didn’t think it was too Fourth of July, despite the color combination. 🙂

Sparkly Manicure with Revlon Cloud and Color Club Blue Hologram Glitter!

Ever do your nails, and then you can’t stop staring at them constantly? That is what happened with this glittery manicure.

Revlon Cloud is a unique lavender blue shade. I saw this on one of my favorite beauty blogs, and since then I’ve always been curious about it. This color is truly a shape-shifter; sometimes it looks like a true lavender; sometimes it’s blue, and sometimes it’s gray! I always passed this up, but recently saw it marked down (on clearance at Meijer, of course!), so I’m wondering if it’s being discontinued.

The application of Cloud is slightly streaky; I needed three coats. It dries very quickly and evenly, so I was happy with the outcome once I added a top coat. I also used Color Club Art Club glitter in Blue Hologram at the base for a little sparkle!

Cloud is truly unlike the rest of my polish, and I am really happy with it!

Orange, Blue, and White Colorblock Manicure

How cute is Essie’s new Poppy-Razzi collection? I am in love! Lucky for me, this display made an appearance at my local Walgreens way earlier than the May release date. I immediately fell in love with Lights, Camera, and Action. Bazooka is pretty too, but the first three I truly adore. The girl working at Walgreens was nice enough to give me a coupon too, so it was a total win! Anyway, I decided to do a colorblock manicure with some blue, after loving that Orly display at Ulta.

I used Orly Blue Collar (which I already had- I did not buy this from Ulta!), Essie Action, and Color Club Art Club in white. The Poppy-Razzi collection is really unique. The orange looks like plain old orange in the photo, but in person it has a bit of pastel, but it’s still a neon. These are very unique neons and not like the other neon polishes out there. For the record, I hate the name of that Orly polish. When I see that color I don’t think “blue collar”, I think something beachy!

Here it is in full sun. Again, I made the mistake of not using white underneath the orange neon so there is some visible nail line. I LOVE this polish. I think it would look even better with a matte top coat.

Here it is in the shade. I really like these colors together. The Essie polish applies nicely, as does the Orly. Another fan of this look is my husband! He really likes the blue color…he always likes the blue colors!

New Rite Aid Displays

Rite Aid has a lot of new displays out right now, and they are bright, fun, and colorful!

This one from Sinful Colors seems to have a mix of old colors and new colors; at least some were new to me and not in the regular rotation that I’ve seen, including that orange one, which is called Clementine.

Wet ‘n’ Wild Chrome is a limited edition polish. They are gorgeous, but the only one that really piqued my interest was the champagne one on the far left. When I took a closer look at it, the polish seems to be a lot like OPI’s Designer de Better from the Muppets Collection, which I already have.

The Sinful Colors Color Duos display isn’t new, but the Be Fierce display is, and it seems to be a dupe of OPI’s Nicki Minaj collection. I really like the black polish on the end, as it is full of silver micro glitter.

This display I was thrilled about: Color Club is now at Rite Aid! They were $5 per bottle, which seems reasonable compared to some of the prices I have seen online.

Here’s another Color Club display. I love how springy both displays are.

Wet ‘n’ Wild has combined the neon and crackle craze all into one. I was surprised that these polishes were $5! I really like the yellow one and the blue one, but I won’t be buying them since I don’t see myself getting much wear out of crackles.

This is the last new display I saw by Hedy’s. It’s matte neons. I looked at the yellow one and the bottle seemed like a gloopy mess inside. With plenty of neon polish and Essie’s Matte About You, I don’t see myself getting any of these, but it’s cool to see Rite Aid putting the trends out there.

All About Orange!

With “tangerine tango” being named the color of the year, orange and various shades of orange have been all over the place. Tangerine tango is more coral than true orange to me, but I like orange in nearly any variation. I knew there was a reason I kept my bright orange purse from a few years ago!

Since it’s so beautiful out today, I felt like going for something bright and springy and orange. I also wanted a chance to use the bottle of Color Club Art Club lacquer that I have, but I wasn’t very daring when it comes to nail art. Mostly, I wanted to see how it applied. Now that I know how opaque it is, I may have to try my hand at some nail art. I am pretty artistic so I could probably come up with something. Anyway…the Wet ‘n’ Wild polish was only 69 cents at Walgreens and for the price, I was impressed with the application!

This is Wet ‘n’ Wild Sunny Side Up, two coats, no top coat, in the shade. It’s pretty glossy on its own. I see a lot of this polish happening once it warms up, especially on my toes. After I did this, I just painted a white stripe down the side of my nails with the Color Club polish, and added Sinful Colors in UFO on top.

Here is the finished product in the shade. I really like UFO! It’s a sheer jelly polish packed with glitter. Sinful Colors has a lot of wonderful shades, and it is one of the most affordable nail polish brands out there that is three free. While Sinful Colors retails for $1.99 at places like Target, Rite Aid, and Walgreens, I usually keep my eyes peeled for when they go on sale for just one dollar.

I’m thinking my grandma would vote a big NO WAY on this manicure, but I think it’s fun. 🙂