My Favorite Polishes of 2012!


It’s here! My favorite polishes of 2012! I know you’ve been on the edge of your seat waiting for this post. 😉 Get ready for some image spam below, and some short reviews on the polishes that I haven’t written about here just yet! Not all of these shades were released in 2012, but I believe most of them were.



And now for the listing!

Essie- Butler Please!
Butter London- Slapper
Butter London- Trout Pout
Butter London- Fishwife
Butter London- Two Fingered Salute
Illamasqua- Glitterati
Essie- Where’s My Chauffeur?
Obessive Compulsive Cosmetics- Grandma

MAC- Grey Friday- I haven’t blogged about this yet, but wow, I love this polish! I’ve already worn it four times since I purchased it. The formula is amazing and the color is gorgeous!

Zoya- Zuza
Meagan Miller Collection- Roja

OPI- The World is Not Enough- Another polish I haven’t blogged about yet, this is an amazing taupe with pink shimmer from the Skyfall collection.

OPI- My Boyfriend Scales Walls- My favorite white polish to date. I have worn this several times already and love how it looks with my skin tone.

OPI- Goldeneye
L’Oreal- Sparklicious
Nicole by OPI- Kim Konfidential
Deborah Lippmann- Mermaid’s Dream
Essie- Mojito Madness

A few colors not seen here that also standout: Illamasqua Nomad, OPI Skyfall (an amazing red), Essie Yogaga, and OPI Elephantastic Pink.

It was so hard to pick out my favorites, but in looking at this color wheel, I really see shades that I was drawn to this year: taupe, rich reds, pink (always pink!), green, white, and several nude shades. What do you think of these shades? Do you have any favorites for the year?


Urban Decay Naked Mini Nail Polish Set Available for VIBs


FYI: Image from Sephora email; it will not take you to Sephora!

I received an email today from Sephora that a new nail polish set is available for VIBs before it launches to the public: the Urban Decay The New Naked nail polish set. This retails for $26 and contains five mini bottles.


Doesn’t this set look gorgeous? Each bottle is .16 ounces and contains the shades Hustle, Naked, Smog, Toasted, Creep, and Sidecar. The shades are named after several shades from the popular eyeshadows in the Naked series.

You can see a closer look at the shades here.

Here are a couple of reviews from Sephora’s website:

I bought these nail polishes because I wanted them as stocking stuffers. The colors are amazing there are metallics, glitters and opaque nail colors.The colors are the same as the eye shadows they make and they are just as pigmented.

To be honest I’m not a huge fan of urban decay, but these polishes are gorgeous! They are a mix of cremes metallics and shimmers. I saw them in store and was amazed at how beautifully the colors translated into polishes. I think this would be a perfect gift for any girl! Don’t hesitate to buy this because it’s a great deal!

What do you think of this set? Must have? Pass?

Sally Hansen Diamond Flash Fast Dry Top Coat


I get a lot of questions about top coats. While I have my favorites, I like to test out new ones once in awhile! Most nail junkies will probably tell you that they like a fast dry top coat. Waiting for polish to dry seems to take forever sometimes, doesn’t it? Personally, I paint my nails while playing the Sims 3, because I know that I won’t wreck them if I play long enough.

Anyway, I picked up this Sally Hansen Diamond Flash Fast Dry Top Coat when I was out of town for a weekend with my hubby. This is a very thin and watery top coat if you compare it to something thicker, like Seche Vite. The finish it leaves is nothing spectacular; it’s shiny, but not a high shine gloss.

Another thing I don’t like about this polish is that it tends to get bubbles in it, and of course it’s usually on something completely random like one nail. It does dry quickly though. It’s nice to use when you know you won’t be wearing a color for very long. I didn’t find that it provided any extra “armor” so to speak.

This top coat runs between $5-$7 dollars in drugstores and convenience stores. For that price, you can definitely get something of better quality, especially if you order online. I would not buy this again.

Have you tried this top coat?

OPI Soft Shades Spring 2013 is Oz Inspired!


My BFF alerted me to the OPI Soft Shades Collection that is coming out in 2013 (OPI posted a little teaser on Facebook). It is Oz, the Great and Powerful inspired! This is the new Oz movie that is coming out, which is about Oz before he got to Emerald City, and his journey there. I may have mentioned this before, but I am a Wizard of Oz everything FANATIC. It is my favorite movie ever and I love Judy Garland.

Shades above, left to right:

What is this Wizardry? (Liquid sand finish)
Lights of Emerald City
When Monkeys Fly
Theodora You
Don’t Burst My Bubble
Which is Witch?
Glints of Glinda

I’ll be honest: I see myself probably getting all or most of these!

Since we’re in the end of the year, I’m going to do a few things differently until the new year begins! I’m planning on writing some reviews of top coats, my favorite polishes of the year, and some hand cream reviews as well!

What do you think of these Oz shades?

Holly Jolly Holiday Tag!


Me & my grandpa under the tree 

When Holly tagged me for the Holly Jolly Holiday Tag, I was super excited because I love the Christmas season! It is my favorite holiday and truly a time of miracles. People usually get annoyed by my excitement, but whatever…they can’t help being Scrooges, right? 😉

Now for the questions!

1. Do you start your Christmas shopping on Black Friday or wait until the last minute?

I am a major early bird shopper, basically shopping all year round. I bought my first Christmas gift for 2012 in February. Call me crazy, but the best time to shop is when everything is marked WAY down when holidays end. I usually still pick up a few odds and ends until just before Christmas because I like to spoil my hubby.

2. If you could be in any Christmas movie what would it be?

Hmmm…well, my favorite Christmas movie is Home Alone, but if I could be in any movie it would definitely be Babes in Toyland!

3. Which do you like better: Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?

Christmas Eve! The anticipation of Christmas is always so fun and romantic; my grandparents were married on Christmas Eve, so I’ve always found this day extra special.

4. When does your family put up your Christmas tree and who decorates it?

My hubby and I put up our tree usually the day after Thanksgiving. We waited a little longer this year though due to his work schedule/studying for his huge engineering test in April. We always decorate it together. This year was even more fun since my cousin lives with us and his girlfriend was here too!

5. White lights or colored lights?

I love both, but have colored on my tree. I love houses that are decorated with white lights outside, and would love to someday have an all white tree!

6. Are you guilty of peeking at your presents or do you like the surprise?

I wait for the surprise, but admit to peeking as a kid sometimes (come on, EVERY KID PEEKS at least once!….sorry, Mom).

7. Would you rather live in a gingerbread house or in Santa’s Workshop?

Definitely Santa’s Workshop!

8. Tell us your Christmas Eve traditions!

Hmmm…well, when I was a kid we would spend time with my mom’s family first, then my dad’s. My uncle always made homemade raviolis and we opened a few presents. On our way back home, my dad would point out the airplane lights and say that was Santa’s sleigh, which I thought was super magical of course. At my grandma’s house, it is/was always the same: a ton of people yelling, singing, someone that nobody knows usually shows up, and we just eat wherever we can find a seat, which usually ends up being the floor. Last year we did shots of blackberry brandy (my grandma’s cure-all) in honor of my grandma who passed away three days before Christmas. After going back home, my parents usually let us open one present before going to bed.

At my house, my husband and I go to mass and have dinner, then we usually watch Home Alone, which is my favorite Christmas movie of all time!

My husband’s family is a bit strict in their traditions to say the least. Everything is planned out. Every year they watch It’s A Wonderful Life, have a bunch of snacks, and go to midnight mass.

9. If you could be under the mistletoe with anyone who would it be?

My hubby of course! We actually have a mistletoe in our kitchen.

10. What tops your tree?

A star!

11. Can you name the 12 days of Christmas?

Yes, thanks to John Denver’s Muppets Christmas album. No, seriously! 🙂 12 drummers drumming, 11 pipers piping, 10 lords a leaping, 9 ladies dancing, 8 maids a milking, 7 swans a swimming, 6 geese a laying, 5 golden rings, 4 calling birds, 3 French hens, 2 turtle doves, and a partridge in a pear tree. Did you know all of this will cost $107,000?

12. Have you ever gone Christmas caroling?

Yes, nursing homes when I was younger.

13. Do you countdown to Christmas? If so, how many days are left?

Yes! Only eight days!

14. What are some foods and treats you can count on having every holiday season?

At my grandma’s, she always served the same thing (this hasn’t changed since she died): spaghetti, chicken rice, cheesecake, lemon meringue pie (and a few other pies), sloppy joes, cheesy potatoes, several salads, and ham and rolls. My mom always makes a bunch of baked goods, most notably her sugar cookies. My husband’s family is all about hors d’oeuvres: shrimp cocktail, shrimp dip with Fritos, cheese and crackers, cocktail sausages, and again, cheesy potatoes. As for me, I don’t eat meat so I don’t eat a lot of the stuff that ends up getting served.

15. How has Christmas kept its magic for you as you’ve grown older?

Christmas is a time for giving and helping others when they need it. We should do that all the time, but I feel like people really take that more seriously when the Christmas season rolls around. It’s definitely a time to celebrate the people that we love, and people who need love.

People I tag!

Not Quite Carrie

My BFF, Delina @Discovery of D

My friend Krissy @Viva la KP


MAC Hyperion


I recently acquired my first MAC nail polishes. Initially, I hesitated because everything I read said that MAC polish is way overpriced for the quality, but then I read a rave review of Grey Friday (released on Black Friday), so I picked that up in addition to tracking down a polish that is now discontinued from the Daphne Guinness Collection: Hyperion.

In looking at swatches online, this blue seemed different than my other blues, and I couldn’t stop thinking about it! Finally I found it at a good price from a reputable MAC seller (Rock the Catwalk). I’m really happy with it!

The first coat is very streaky, but with three coats everything evened out. I love this color!

In other nail news, Temptalia had some good news to share today: Illamasqua Raindrops is coming back in February! I can’t wait for this polish to get released again!

American Apparel Mouse


Ah, I knew it would happen eventually. Nails are growing and looking lovely, then I go ahead and break two of them. I eventually filed all of my nails way down so they were even, but not before taking photos of this polish, Mouse by American Apparel.

I love this color because it’s a great neutral and tends to lean gray; it’s taupe without being TOO brown. I’m not a big fan of true brown polish (at least not on myself), but do love taupe shades. Interestingly, this polish looks quite different in my photos compared to how it looks in person. The shade looks quite brown; Temptalia’s photos are much more true to color.

Mouse has perfect application and was even opaque in one coat, which I was surprised by! It dries quickly too. I have never been disappointed with American Apparel polish, and they’re cruelty free!