Nude and Natural Color Wheel

So, my sister is getting married in three weeks…at least I think she is. That is the plan for now, but she and her guy are SO busy with their jobs that who knows what will actually happen. I think it will be a go. She’s coming down to my place this weekend and we’re going dress shopping. It’s immediate family only, then there’s going to be a big party next summer. I’m the maid of honor and can wear whatever I want, and naturally I am freaking out about it! I ordered three potential dresses last week (they aren’t here yet!), and I have another in my closet that I am debating. There’s a reason that my husband says deciding what to wear is the bane of my existence, but what can I say? This is my sister’s wedding!

Anyway, I made a potential nail wheel that corresponds with what I may possibly wear. Before you think I’m utterly bonkers, I was totally inspired by a nail wheel I saw here on The Beauty Look Book blog, and decided to make my own for this momentous occasion! Check it out:

List of polishes used, starting at the top and working around:

1. L’Oreal Tea and Crumpets
2. Deborah Lippmann Naked
3. CND Desert Suede
4. Wet ‘n’ Wild Private Viewing
5. Nicole by OPI Kim Konfidential
6. Sally Hansen Honey Whip
7. Essie Yogaga
8. Essie Sand Tropez
9. Sinful Colors Subdued
10. Sinful Colors Bare
11. Butter London All Hail the Queen
12. American Apparel California Trooper
13. Zoya Amanda
14. Orly Decades of Dysfunction (<<SO TEMPTING just for the name and inside joke!)
15. OPI My First Knockwurst
16. Maybelline Natural Beauty
17. Butter London Yummy Mummy
18. Essie Chinchilly

And here are the dress options!:

This is one of the dresses I ordered. I think it’s beautiful, but I also wonder if this will be just too much print for an outdoor wedding. We’ll see how it looks when it arrives. I also have an amazing vintage headpiece from my grandma’s antique shop that might go with this.

Option #2! I love this dress, but my husband liked this one the least when I showed him what I picked out. Not that I only listen to him of course, but I do want him to like it! I could probably wear the headpiece with this too.

Option #3- I adore this dress and am leaning toward this one, but it all depends on how it fits. I think this would be pretty outside, and it’s not boring because it has little birds all over it.

This is the only dress I actually have in my closet right now, and I’m going to do a test run of the entire ensemble sometime this week if I can get the wrinkles out of it. It is embellished with small gold dots, so ironing is out of the question. My BFF recommended steaming it in the shower (as did another friend), so I’ll give that a whirl first. In my head, I’m envisioning wearing this with off-white tights and an off-white sweater.

Knowing me, after SO much debating I’ll end up wearing something entirely different. 😉