Essie Who Is The Boss? + Icing Written in the Stars

It’s another crazy work week over here, grading final literature reviews and submitting final grades, plus starting a brand new semester. Now that the big stuff is out of the way, I have a couple of easier days before grading another batch of final essays. It sounds confusing, but I work for two places which is the reason for all of the overlaps. Anyway, I have another fantastic blue polish from Essie to show off today!

Essie Who is the Boss? is a lovely light blue polish from this year’s wedding collection. This is a nice muted blue. Essie has been knocking it out with the formula lately. This is two coats. I added some embellishment with Icing’s Written in the Stars.

The wear time on this polish was great as well! Since I’m rough on polish due to all of the typing I do, I almost always have tip wear right away, but this still looked good when I removed it.


Zoya Anja + Icing After Party

When I was in high school and my early college days, I was totally OBSESSED with anything that smelled like black cherries. I burned black cherry candles and potpourri ALL the time, and Zoya’s Anja polish from the Smoke collection totally reminds me of the color of those candles. It is a very dark plum color that is near black on the nails. This is definitely more of a fall color, but I just couldn’t help myself with how good it looked with Icing’s After Party glitter polish.

Anja was a little on the thick side. I have found that Zoya’s creme polishes tend to be difficult to apply sometimes and tend to be thick. Anja actually applied pretty well and was nearly opaque in just one coat.

I LOVE this glitter! I adore how it is chopped into jagged shapes. I originally saw it on a nail blog, and probably drove my husband crazy by blabbing about wanting to go to Icing to look for it. For a glitter, it was very easy to apply.

Here’s the glitter zoomed way in.

And thanks to inconsistent Michigan sun, we have shade and sun in a matter of minutes! Also, I am STILL waiting for my parcel from Lush to arrive. My cuticles look terrible right now…they’re very dry and I even tore some of them, a bad habit left over from my biting days. My husband HATES when I do this, so I am looking forward to Lemony Flutter getting here. Until then, I’m just going to keep using lotion and CND Solar Oil.