OPI Suzi Takes the Wheel

Good afternoon! I have another gray polish today; imagine my surprise reaching for this after nearly three weeks of gray skies and rain! I do love gray with yellow though, and this is a great pair with a yellow sweater and yellow tights! πŸ™‚

Suzi Takes the Wheel is from the OPI Touring America collection released in fall 2011. If you live near Meijer, it is THE best place to find OPI in the clearance bin. I found this polish for $2.12! I also bought a few other shades along with this one.

This polish is an interesting color; it’s a greenish gray, sort of with a blue hue too. It’s definitely not your standard gray. The application was good, but a little thin and slightly watery compared to other OPI polishes I have. It did dry quickly though, which is always a plus!

What do you think of this shade?


Orly Seagurl

Hello! What a week! I hope everyone out there is staying safe with Sandy. I’m nowhere near the bad stuff, but Michigan is definitely feeling the storm. We had ice pellets this morning, tons of wind, and my power was even out for awhile yesterday. Anyway, I have some Orly to show you today! This is from the 2011 Birds of a Feather collection. I have a mini bottle of this polish. I love minis because they take up less space!

Don’t mind my super short nails; I really ripped off that middle one (by accident). In the last month it seems like I just keep breaking one and then I have to file the rest. Seagurl is a very pretty color; it’s gray, but it has silver and gold shimmer throughout, which is more prominent in person.

This polish went on smoothly, but it seemed to chip rather quickly. I’m thinking maybe the top coat was to blame. Still, this is a great color, especially for fall. What do you think?

Mariah Carey Teams Up with OPI

More and more, word of the 2013 polish collections are coming out. I’m especially excited for this new collection from OPI and Mariah Carey! I love Mariah and even had a Barbie doll named after her back in the day. πŸ™‚

From OPI (as seen on multiple nail blogs!):

To pay homage to her iconic status, we wanted to launch her collection with something completely new and exciting. OPILiquid Sand nail lacquer offers a never-before-seen look with a pebbled finish that lightly shimmers with fine glitter particles. Worn without top coat, Liquid Sand lacquer gives nails a unique textured matte finish worthy of a superstar.

What do you think? I think it sounds promising!

L’Oreal Sparklicious

L’Oreal is a very new polish that is part of a special holiday display at the drugstore. I saw this at a few different places, and it seemed like every time I saw the display there was only one left, or they were totally gone, so if you like it, get it when you see it!

This is another cool toned gold shade and the sparkle is simply amazing on this! I could not stop staring at my nails when I had this on! The glitter in this comes in a range of sizes, from fine glitter to medium glitter.

The finish was very smooth after using a top coat. If that’s something you look for in a glitter, you will like this one!

I did layer this over China Glaze I’m Not Lion, but I can still say this glitter is densely packed. What do you think? Are sparkles for you?


Gloomiest Week Ever Polish Haul

I know I have been complaining about CLOUDS constantly, but it has seriously been cloudy for almost two weeks straight! Luckily we have had some hints of sun here and there the past two days, so it seems to be breaking. My job is really stressful right now as it always is with a semester turnover, so when I got a break to get out and do some fun stuff, I picked up some new polish from the holiday collections coming out!

Since I had a 20% off everything coupon for Ulta (dangerous), I picked up two of the holiday polishes from Butter London: Scallywag, and Scuppered. Scallywag is a bright turquoise glitter, and this is a polish that I really wanted just for the name for sentimental reasons. Scuppered is SO AMAZING- It’s described as an “opaque, copper shimmer with pink, gold, and green glitter.” Amazing, right?

I also picked up two Essie polishes from the “Leading Lady” winter collection: Beyond Cozy and Where’s My Chauffeur? I debated WMC, since it seems so similar to Turquoise and Caicos, but after comparing them this one has a lot more blue in it and seems to be a little darker. Beyond Cozy…well I totally debated this one since I have similar glitters, BUT after getting it home and comparing it, I’m glad that I got it! It’s another cool toned gold, but seems to have just a hint of warmth- it’s just a good champagne color. Plus, there was only one left!

I’m not sure if you can tell here, but the L’Oreal polish I bought, Sparklicious, is similar. The biggest differences are that Sparklicious has larger pieces of glitter, and it isn’t as warm of a shade as Beyond Cozy, at least in my eye. I actually think these will look really pretty layered together. Sparklicious is currently available at Walgreens and Rite Aid on a L’Oreal polish display.

I did get one more polish this week and forgot to snap a photo of it; that being OPI’s Elephantastic Pink! I have wanted this polish for awhile and can’t wait to use it. It is SO pretty!

China Glaze I’m Not Lion

Good afternoon! I am so glad it’s Wednesday. This is the best day for me to take off from my job due to the way it is structured, so I have a bit of breathing room today. I painted my falsies a couple days ago and went with China Glaze I’m Not Lion from the On Safari collection. This is an amazing glitter; cool toned with holographic particles throughout. It’s hard to see the holo effect in the above shot, since that was outside with no sun (grrr toΒ  these clouds…going on a week and a half now).

You can really see the holo effect here; it is even more prominent in person when the light hits. This glitter is opaque in just two coats! Also, it looks AMAZING layered with other glitters, but more on that in another post. πŸ˜‰

Another shot of the holo, with flash. This polish is WAY prettier in person, trust me on that! The finish is very gritty, even after two thin coats of top coat. This doesn’t bother me, but if you want a perfectly smooth finish, you may have to work with it.

Kiss Everlasting French Petites Nails

Since my nails are so short right now, I decided to give some falsies a whirl! My sister wore fake nails for her wedding, and they looked really nice. I have to say these things have really come a long way since I was younger! I tried fake nails in high school and they were awful. My biggest problem was always that they were way too big for my petite nail beds. Now, fake nails come in all kinds of different sizes, including petite!

Kiss Everlasting French Petite Nails are glue-on fake nails that come with a cuticle stick, nail file, nail glue, and 28 different nails in 14 sizes. The nails are numbered with little tabs that twist off after application, making nail application easier than ever!

The box claims that these will wear up to seven days without chipping or wearing away. So far, I am impressed with the wear time. I’ve had them on for two days, and only one of them completely fell off, which was likely my own doing! I do wish they were shorter, so next time I’m going to get the “real short” box. They do not feel uncomfortable, and the nail glue is not irritating my skin or nail beds. To remove, the box states to soak them in acetone based remover.

As far as how they look, I really like them. When my sister had them on, I totally thought she had her nails done and that they were her real ones. The only bad thing about them is that when I take them off, I’ll be sooo disappointed in my stubs. πŸ˜€ I guess it is going to take more than ten months to strengthen over twenty years of nail biting, huh? πŸ˜‰