Spa Ritual Lithophonic


I recently picked up my first Spa Ritual polishes after seeing how gorgeous their new Rock Collection is on Cute and Mundane.


Beauty and nature are synonymous. Nature has always been and will continue to be an inspiration that drives us when it comes to capturing the essence of beauty.  In  Fall 2012 SpaRitual celebrates  the  beautiful  hues found in the  natural  sculptures of earth shaped by the hands of time  with the  Rock  Nail Lacquer Collection.
The calming  collection will  invigorate  the soul  with  a range of tones  that recall  a variety of rocks—from  small  smooth  river stones, to large  boulders jutting out from a sea-side cliff; from  a molten  lava red, to a  cool streaked  granite.  Infused with Rhyolite (volcanic magma) from the Lipari Islands, each nail lacquer emits a stunning textural effect along with a unique color.
Sounds amazing, right? I was really drawn to this collection because of my grandfather. He collected all sorts of rocks, and I often went exploring for rocks with him, so I had a heavy sentimental feeling when I saw this collection. I ended up getting two polishes from it, and would like to get one more. Today I am showing off Lithophonic!
Lithophonic is one of those cool, complicated colors. It’s green. It has hints of red? It’s brown. It all depends on the light that hits it. Sometimes it even looks taupe! I absolutely adore the shape shifting here. Plus, the formula is fantastic! This was so smooth! I did two thin coats; it would possibly work with one coat.
I’m happy with my first Spa Ritual polishes, and especially love the rubber cap! It’s super easy to grip. Any shade recommendations? I need to get Quartz next!